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Man lost 1.5 inches from the length of his penis after Covid

Man lost 1.5 inches from the length of his penis after Covid

Ground Report | New Delhi: Man lost penis after Covid; A man has claimed his penis has shrunk by an inch and a half as a result of contracting covid and is warning other men about the side effect.

Man lost penis after Covid

According to the report of Dailymail, the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he was warned by health professionals that the loss could be permanent. The devastated man, believed to be an American in his 30s, is reported to have been blessed with an above-average johnson before the drama began; now he’s just a normal joe.

A University College London study of 3,400 people found the symptom was rare among the 200 who developed long-term covid from the virus.

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In November, a group of urologists published a public service announcement in honor of National Impotence Month and warned people to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to “save the future of erections.” They said the disease can cause erectile dysfunction in some patients, leaving them with “COVID dick”.

A small study published in August 2021 found that some people who suffered from erectile dysfunction after COVID-19 infection had virus particles in their penis. The study authors wrote that the infection may have restricted blood flow to the penis.

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Involves rehabilitation

Dr. Charles Welliver, a urologist, and director of men’s health at Albany Medical College said that there are ways to treat the condition that involves rehabilitation.

Although it was initially thought that a low dose of erectile dysfunction medication might help, Welliver says that devices that stretch or suck on the penis can help regain lost girth and length.

Penis pump to rehabilitate

Dr. Ashley G. Winter, a urologist, and doctor of sexual medicine, also recommends using a penis pump to rehabilitate the penis by doing what’s called “penile flexing,” which involves turning the device on to stimulate blood flow.

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“The main reason we think this is happening is something we call endothelial dysfunction,” he explained. “Those are basically the cells that line the blood vessels…and they’re really important to the function of a lot of different organs.”

The health professional went on to point out that when COVID infects those vital cells, it can affect various organs. “And because an erection is a blood flow event… When those blood vessels are affected, you can have erectile dysfunction,” he said.

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However, despite the “falling short” prognosis received from their pessimistic physician, both urologists agreed that rehabilitative practices such as doing “penis push-ups” or purchasing a “penis vacuum” could restore length over time.

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