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Madhya Pradesh: Tulsi Silawat resign as minister

BJP candidate Tulsi Silavat has left the post of ministry of water resources in Madhya Pradesh, as he sent his resignation to the Chief Minister.

According to the rule, he could remain in the post of minister till 21 October without becoming an MLA. With the going to the post of minister, all the facilities given to him have been taken away.

Silavat was sworn in as a cabinet minister in the BJP government on April 21 after resigning from the membership of Congress and Assembly. The rule is that non-MLAs can remain ministers for a maximum of 6 months.

On Wednesday, after leaving the minister’s post, Silavat, who went out in the election campaign, said that my ministerial post is getting 6 months on Wednesday. I resigned yesterday. 

He said “the post is not important to me. Service and development of MP is important to me. I left the Congress earlier, left the post of MLA and minister”.

He added “dedication is my feeling. My area is first, so it is important for me to sacrifice. It is more important to serve my people. Ministerial status is important, but service can also be done without ministerial status.”

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According to these rules, no person who is not a member of the Legislative Assembly can remain a minister for more than 6 months.

On March 10, 22 MLAs resigned in support of Scindia, causing the Kamal Nath government to fall and Shivraj Singh Chauhan was sworn in as the chief minister for the fourth time.

Shivraj formed the cabinet 28 days later on 21 April, in which Tulsiram Silavat of the Scindia camp and Govind Singh Rajput were sworn in as cabinet ministers.

The 28 constituencies in Madhya Pradesh were vacated in March after Jyotiraditya Scindia quit the Congress to join the BJP along with his loyalists. The shift led to the fall of the Congress government in the state, with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s Shivraj Chouhan returning as chief minister.

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