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How Kashmir will handle Lumpy Virus in the absence of vaccines?

vaccine for lumpy virus

Lumpy Virus in Kashmir: Lumpy skin disease found in cattle has reached Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir. This virus enters the animal’s body through insects that stick to the skin. If the infected animal is not treated on time, then it dies in this disease.

Due to the knock of this virus in Kashmir, the Bakarwal tribes can suffer a great loss because their life goes on by rearing animals. Also, there is a severe shortage of vaccines for animals in Jammu and Kashmir, due to which many animals have already died.

41 Lumpy Virus cases reported in Pulwama, Kashmir

According to news agency KNO, the Animal Husbandry Department said that 41 cases of lumpy skin disease have been reported so far in Kakapora and Pampore areas of Pulwama district.

Two of these infected cattle have died, which have been buried on the basis of standard operating procedure. 5 cattle have been recovered and the rest of the animals are undergoing treatment.

To prevent the disease from spreading to other animals, the district administration has issued advisory –

  • Bringing and transporting animals from Pulwama to other districts has been banned.
  • If farmers come to know about this disease in their animals, then immediately they will have to quarantine their cattle for 10-15 days.
  • If symptoms of lumpy virus are seen in animals, then the nearest animal husbandry office has to be informed immediately.

Let us tell you that in the last few months in Kashmir, a large number of cattle died due to lack of vaccine. Ground Report had spoken to the farmers on this subject. They told that ever since Article 370 was removed, the government has stopped giving free vaccines for livestock. Now they have to buy vaccines for their animals which are very expensive. Due to lack of vaccine, farmers’ cows and sheep get sick and die.

If the lumpy virus spreads to other districts of Kashmir, it can kill a large number of livestock. Many Kashmiri tribes live by raising sheep, goats and cows. In such a situation, this disease has increased the worries for them.

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What is this lumpy virus?

According to GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, lumpy skin disease is caused by the Capripoxvirus virus. Because of this, Livestock is in danger around the world. This virus infects cows and buffaloes through blood-feeding insects. These vectors enter the body through the skin of the animal. If this disease is not treated in time, the animals die.


  • Round-shaped lumps are formed on the skin of cows and buffalo.
  • The weight of the infected animal starts decreasing.
  • There may be fever and blisters may appear in the mouth.
  • Milk yield decreases.
  • An excessive amount of water dripping from the nose and mouth.
  • If cow and buffalo are pregnant then miscarriage can happen.
  • If not treated on time, the animal dies.

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