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Lucknow Girl’s another video viral: What’s the whole matter

Lucknow Girl's another video viral

Ground report | New Delhi: Lucknow Girl’s another video viral; Another video of a girl from Lucknow is going viral on social media, in which she is seen fighting with the policemen. She says that her neighbours have painted the house black, which is wrong. Strange reactions of people are also coming after seeing this drama of Priyadarshini.

“They have painted their house black… ask them to paint their house black because international drones fly here and because of them the lives of all the residents of the colony are in danger,” he said in Hindi.

A crowd of people standing around Yadav can be seen in the video. Pointing to the man she accused of painting her house black, she also alleged that he abused her, threatened to beat her up and said that former US President Barack Obama is her father.

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Apart from the video of Yadav already viral before the assault on the cab driver, identifying the woman as him, the video has been shared multiple times on social media.

Lucknow Girl’s another video viral

She is heard telling the officer that she lives nearby and that the black paint on the wall will invite “international drones” to the area. “Inhe bolyen ki yeh wall ko anti-black karae, kyon, kyonki inki wajah see yahan international drones ghoomte hain, aur poori colony ki jaan khatre mein hain” (ask them to get the wall painted anti-black, why, because it is due to them that international drones keep flying in the area, causing threat to the lives of the people of the colony), Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav said.

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Meanwhile, referring to the incident, a weeping cab driver Saadat Ali has threatened to commit suicide if the woman is not arrested.

Narrating what happened on the night of July 30, Saadat Ali said that the woman came in front of his car despite the traffic light is green. Ali claimed that he hit the brakes immediately. But, the woman started pushing the car. Then he opened the cab door, took his mobile and broke it. After that, the woman seen in the viral video started beating and harassing the cab driver.

“I thought she was a policeman in casual clothes. I started apologizing for no fault of mine. But he slapped me more than 20 times without stopping,” Saadat Ali said, adding that he damaged his car and also took away his Rs 600 which was kept in the dashboard of the car. “Now it’s about my self-esteem. If that woman is not arrested, I will commit suicide today.”

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  1. The girl is probably sick and needs medical attention.It is the responsibility of her parents to take her to a doctor.

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