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Who is Loren Allred, New star in the town?

When Loren Allred sang The Greatest Showman hit, Never Enough on Britain Got Talent audiences and judges had tears in their eyes.

By Pallav Jain
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The Greatest Showman hit, Never Enough, Loren Allred

When Loren Allred, 32, sang The Greatest Showman hit, Never Enough, on the new season of ITV's Britain's Got Talent, audiences and judges had tears in their eyes. She won the first Golden Buzzer of the season.

Today everyone is talking about this shining star. Everyone wants to know about her.

We all see the success of a person, but every successful person faces many challenges and difficulties during the journey, which we do not see. There are very few stars who can dare to tell the world about their past.

Loren Allred talks about sexual harassment in the Music Industry

Loren revealed that as a teenage artist, she experienced sexual harassment in the music industry, which she never had the courage to talk about. Many people tried to take advantage of her.

Let us tell you that when many stars started writing or telling against the exploitation that happened to them under the MeToo movement, people raised questions that why they are revealing it now, Didn't they had courage to report it earlier? But Yes, It need courage to speak and it should be reported, whenever they feel so.

The MeToo movement exposed many famous people whom people considered as their idols, but in reality they were exploiting people for years.

Story of Loren Allred

Loren, who has been trending top in the UK with one of her performances, says that after signing to Island Def Jam Music she saw the dark side of the music industry. She joined Island in 2008 at the age of 19, when she was spotted by singer songwriter Ne-Yo.

I thought I could trust people, but later I realized that I shouldn't have believed them. They misused their power. They took advantage of my naivety and young age and put me in uncomfortable situations many times. Everything that we all hear about every day.

These were the people who would constantly tell me that if you do this, I will make your career. This happened to me for years. Nothing ever happened because I stood firm and had the courage to say no.

I have never made an official complaint. Because I was scared. Yes record label executives were adept at intimidation. It took me a long time to recover from all this. ,

Loren does not name those executives but says they were not appointed by Ne Yo. I was suddenly dropped off the label, with no backup plan. Because of which I was emotionally exhausted.

But years later, Loren, who was working as a barista, was asked to record a demo for a new song titled Never Enough for The Greatest Showman. Bosses were so impressed with her version that they decided to use her vocals.

But nobody knew it was me, “I wanted to show people that was me singing on The Greatest Showman.

”kicked off the latest series of BGT as the vocalist who sang The Greatest Showman hit, Never Enough, stunned the audience and judges and begged first golden buzzer of the season.

Loren Allred's soundtrack has garnered 62 million views on YouTube.

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