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Living With Carbon

Living With Carbon; Carbon emission is currently one of the largest contributors to climate change that we are facing today. Carbon emissions

By Soumya Gupta
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Living With Carbon

Ground Report | New Delhi: Living With Carbon; Carbon emission is currently one of the largest contributors to climate change that we are facing today. Carbon emissions as we all know cause health issues and harm the environment leading to a rise in temperature, forest fires, and heatwaves.

India is no stranger to the global problem of carbon footprint. It is an excessive producer of Carbon dioxide at a terrifying rate of 2.88 gigatonnes, by 2030 which will be at a skyrocketing rate of 4.48 gigatonnes.

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India has taken steps toward a zero-carbon emission initiative and set a net target to curb the non-fossil fuel capacity to 500 gigatonnes by 2030, which seems like a far-out possibility.

Indian Cities Facing Air Crisis

Most Indian Cities are, unfortunately, living with toxic, unbreathable, and harmful air. This unbreathable air is killing people and severely damaging the respiratory system. Cities like Noida, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Rohtak, Navi Mumbai, and many others are graded poorly on the index of air quality because of the rise in carbon emissions via, industries, burning of land, vehicles, etc. The problem doesn't seem huge to the public but soon, it will be horrifying if not find ways to combat it.

A Solution Made Out of the Problem.

During this huge fight that the world is fighting against carbon, A Mumbai-based company came up with an innovative approach, the Carbon Tiles. Carbon Craft Design started this new initiative of building tiles out of carbon, well the man behind such a successive idea Tejas Sidnal, found that carbon can be captured, stored, and processed. Coming from a technological and architectural background he came up with this idea to make sense of the captured carbon.

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The science behind is astonishing, carbon is captured via industries before letting it out in the air. This captured carbon is then processed to get rid of any metal impurities that could cause a reaction with other ingredients. This processed carbon is then mixed with cement and other materials while the process of cutting, filling, joining, shaping, and forming continues.

Carbon Craft realized that this is the best way to commercialize an environment-friendly solution by clearing a small section of carbon footprint. A single tile is equivalent to 30,000 liters of Carbon. These tiles are not just a sustainable solution but also an aesthetic and essential element of home décor which is associated with a great consumption of household construction.

In Conclusion-

Carbon is still a harmful and stubborn threat to our environment, any initiatives big or small contribute largely towards the reduction of carbon footprint. This product of Carbon Craft Design is sustainable, aesthetic, and affordable, it costs much less to make carbon tiles than it does to make normal tiles, thus, this holds a significant potential to rise in the future.

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