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Deemed "Unparliamentary", Words Trigger Emotions in Opposition

Lok Sabha secretariat has put together a new pamphlet outlining terms and expressions or words that will be regarded as "unparliamentary"

By Pallav Jain
New Update
list of unparliamentary words

In a recent development, the Lok Sabha secretariat has put together a new pamphlet outlining terms and expressions that will be regarded as "unparliamentary" in both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha before the Monsoon Session of Parliament, which starts on July 18.

However, the opposition is not happy with the development.

Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi took to his Twitter handle and tweeted, " New Dictionary for New India," with a photo that looks like a dictionary definition of the word "unparliamentary".

The picture reads, "Words used in discussions and debates which correctly describe the PM's handling of the government, now banned from being spoken." His tweet further read, "Jumlajeevi Tanashah shed Crocodile Tears when his lies and incompetence were exposed."

List of new unparliamentary words

The words that have been refrained from using in the parliament include words like, ‘jumlajeevi’, ‘Baal buddhi’, ‘Covid spreader’, ‘Snoopgate’, ‘anarchist’, ‘Shakuni’, ‘dictatorial’, ‘taanashah’, ‘taanashahi’, ‘vinash purush’, ‘Khalistani’. Some other words that have also been banned are, bloodshed’, ‘bloody’, ‘betrayed’, ‘ashamed’, ‘abused’, ‘cheated’, ‘childishness’, ‘corrupt’, ‘coward’, ‘criminal’ and ‘crocodile tears’, ‘disgrace’, ‘donkey’, ‘drama’, ‘eyewash’, ‘fudge’, ‘hooliganism’, ‘hypocrisy’, ‘incompetent’, ‘mislead’, ‘lie’ and ‘untrue’ etc.

Several other Hindi words have also been included like, gaddar’, ‘chamcha’, ‘chamchagiri’, ‘chelas’ ‘girgit’, ‘goons’, ‘ghadiyali ansu’, ‘apmaan’, ‘asatya’, ‘ahankaar’, ‘corrupt’, ‘kala din’, ‘kala bazaari’ and ‘khareed farokht’.

Other words that also have been deemed as "unparliamentary" include words like, ‘danga’, ‘dalal’, ‘daadagiri’, ‘dohra charitra’, ‘bechara’, ‘bobcut’, ‘lollypop’, ‘vishwasghat’, ‘samvedanheen’, ‘foolish’, ‘pitthu’, ‘behri sarkar’ and ‘sexual harassment etc.

Besides Rahul Gandhi several other opposition leaders like TMC leader Derek O'Brien also tweeted,

"Now, we will not be allowed to use these basic words…Ashamed. Abused. Betrayed. Corrupt. Hypocrisy. Incompetent. I will use all these words. Suspend me. Fighting for democracy."

Mahua Moitra also took to her Twitter handle and tweeted, "You mean I can’t stand up in Lok Sabha & talk of how Indians have been betrayed by an incompetent government who should be ashamed of their hypocrisy?"

Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha from Karnatka Jairam Ramesh criticizing the development also tweeted, "All words used by the Opposition to describe the reality of Modi Sarkar now to be considered 'unparliamentary'. What next Vishguru?."

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