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LAHDC polls: Seek permission before organizing programmes

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The administration in Ladakh has asked the apex body for 6th schedule to seek prior permission for organizing any gathering across Leh in view of the code of conduct.

Addressing a joint press conference, the leaders of the apex body in Leh, according to news agency KNO, said that the authorities have directed them to get permission prior to organizing any gathering in view of the code of conduct enforced by the election authority Leh.

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The leaders said that the apex body still stands by its boycott decision and with regard to the same, some programs were scheduled to be held in parts of Leh by designated teams and some had already left but in the meantime police and administration intimated them not to hold any gathering without permission.They said considering the directions, all the scheduled programs were deferred and programs in off site areas were also called off. “We believe if all the norms based on democratic lines are peacefully followed, there won’t be any hurdle then,” they said.

About reports of talks with the Union Government, the leaders said that a conversation has taken place and they are hopeful of something very positive.

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), General Secretary (Org), Ashok Koul, in Leh told media persons that he was misquoted about the word “Nonsense” and there were no such intentions for referring any such words for the people of Leh.

He said that he has worked with almost all the senior leaders in Leh and they know his intentions and are well aware about his contribution for Leh and its prosperity.

Furthermore, he said, “I still regret if anyone’s feelings are hurt and I am with all the demands of people and I will ensure the demands reach our national body.”Asked about the stand of BJP on 6th schedule, he said “we are with the demand of constitutional safeguard be it 6th schedule or any other.”

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