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Ladakh first UT to achieve 100% covid vaccination with first dose

Ladakh first UT

Ground Report | New Delhi: Ladakh first UT; Ladakh has become the first union territory in the country to have administered at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine to its entire adult population. The residents of Ladakh as well as migrant laborers and Nepali citizens working in different areas have also been vaccinated. Ladakh is the first Union Territory in the country to achieve such success after the vaccination campaign that started on January 16.

Ladakh first UT to achieve 100% covid vaccination

Officials said that in Ladakh, 89,404 people above 18 years of age have been given one dose of the vaccine and about 61,000 people have been given the second dose. Given the geographical location of Ladakh, despite the low population, it has been a challenging task to speed up the vaccination campaign here. It is a difficult task to vaccinate people by going to remote areas in the midst of difficult weather, which Ladakh has done well.

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Less than three months after the start of vaccination for people aged 18-44 from May 1, Ladakh has given the first dose of the vaccine to this age group. Now there are less than 30,000 people left here who need a second dose. It is believed that in the coming few weeks, Ladakh will have vaccinated its entire population. More than 6,800 Nepalese citizens have also been vaccinated here.

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Vaccination to taxi drivers

A senior district administration official told TOI, “We have given priority in vaccination to taxi drivers and people working in hotels. Most of them are from outside. They are frontline workers for the tourism industry. Laborers and other people from other states also come here in search of work from summer. Therefore, they were also included in the vaccination campaign on priority.”

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Employees working in the polio eradication program, primary health centers, and people associated with the health department were helped in the vaccination campaign. (Ladakh first UT)

“Vaccination was not a new program for our health workers who had worked in programs like polio eradication. For them it was a normal program that had to be implemented,” an official said on condition of anonymity. He said that the Center kept enough supplies of vaccine, which helped.

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