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Kuwait Muslim women fight for yoga in open space

Kuwait Muslim women fight for yoga in open space

Ground Report | New Delhi: Kuwait Muslim women yoga; Women in Kuwait have been refuting as a yoga related women was called off by the Kuwaiti government. Women are fighting as they are being devoid of cultural rights. According to the government, the yoga programme is being viewed as an insult to the government.

Some Islamists here are claiming that yogasanas like Padmasana and Shvanasana are dangerous to Islam. Women in Kuwait are outraged by the cancellation of the yoga camp programme. Out of fear of mullah-clerics, Kuwait’s leaders have spoken out against the yoga programme. Let me inform you that men rule in this Islamic country. Fundamentalists claim that by doing all of this, women are harming the country’s culture. Najib Hayat, a Kuwaiti women’s rights activist, believes the country is regressing as a result of the extremists’ efforts.

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This protest further represented the recent flashpoint in a culture war which has been going on for years related to the behaviour of the women.In the midst of deep governmental dysfunction on major issues, conservative politicians are increasingly pushing back against a burgeoning feminist movement and what they see as an unravelling of Kuwait’s traditional values. 

Najeeba Hayat, A Feminist Activist recently told The Associated Press that “Our state is backsliding and regressing at a rate that we haven’t seen. Women poured into the park along the palm-studded strand, calling in the cool, night air for freedoms they say authorities have steadily stifled.

Kuwaiti’s are concerned about the trend in a country once known for its progressivism as compared to its Gulf Arab neighbours.

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Over the years, however, the conservative Arabian Peninsula has seen the advancement of women. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia, has granted greater freedoms to women.

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