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Kohli’s innings dropped the UPI transactions; netizens question the numbers

virat kohli innings droped UPI transactions

There was a myth that the world used to come to standstill, at least India used to when Sachin Tendulkar was batting. Many cricketers, and public figures have talked about this. Sachin is considered to be the god of cricket, but I have always heard these legends. Although, something similar happened during the unmissable innings of Virat Kohli during Ind vs Pak match at MCG.

It was the Diwali weekend in India which is famous for its exponentially shopping, and more. It is like India’s black friday sale, but with certain religious connotations. Even in this festive season, the explosive and once in a lifestyle innings of Virat Kohli dropped the UPI transactions in the country. People put a halt to their shopping, and focused on the match.

Mihir Vora, Chief Investment Officer, Max Life, tweeted about the drop in the transaction during the crucial part of the match

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“UPI transactions from 9 a.m. yesterday till evening – as the match became interesting, online shopping stopped – and sharp rebound after the match,” 

He also tweeted the graph which reflected the same. Although, people tweeted about the discrepancies in the data.

Courtesy: Twitter/theMihirV

Chandra R. Srikanth, of Moneycontrol, tweeted questioning the credibility of the data points

This is not UPI data for the entire system, only BharatPe’s numbers. Plus no specifics

Later, Mihir Vora deleted the tweet. Below-mentioned is the thread clarifying the confusion.

At one point more than three crore people were watching the match on Disney+ Hotstar in India. Almost 90,000 people attended the match MCG. The innings was so incredible that at a pount even the commentary said, ‘Kohli has switched to God mode now’.


India defeated Pakistan in their first match of the T20 world cup 2022. The win will lift the morale of the team, as they won the match after it seemed like they will lose for sure. Kohli was seen almost crying, and being emotional when playing the winning knock for the team.

Pakistan posted 159 in the 20 overs, thanks to the late innings flourish. India lost four early wickets, when Hardik Panya, and Virat Kohli took the charge. Although, it was Kohli’s lone wolf effort which lead India to victory.

Celebrities, and internet expressed their congratulations for the GOAT Virat Kohli, and team India.

India plays Netherlands next on 27th October.

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