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#KingHarry: Why people want Harry to be next king?

#KingHarry: Why People want Harry to be next king?

After the death of Queen Elizabeth, Charles has become the King, now people are discussing his successor. Although after King Charles, his eldest son Prince Williams will become the king, but the choice of the people is Prince Harry.

People on social media have described Prince Harry as their first choice as the next King. Also, in the survey conducted by Daily Mirror, young Brits have liked Prince Harry only. In the survey conducted through DeltaPole, 1,590 people participated, with most people preferring Prince Harry as the next King over Prince William.

On Twitter a hashtag is trending i.e. #KingHarry, maybe people want Prince Harry to become king next instead of Prince Charles.

But King Charles is planning to oust Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are under fire for allegedly wanting titles of King and Queen. Meghan and Harry were “welcomed with open arms at the time” after their appointment as the title.

It is believed that King Charles can snatch the titles from Prince Harry and his children, if this happens, then he will be called the most cruel king ever. However, the tension between the father and sons is clearly visible since the death of Queen Elizabeth. There are reports that Prince Harry was told about the death of the Queen quite late. And he was also instructed by King Charles not to bring his wife Meghan to the funeral.

Why Prince Harry is so popular among masses?

Prince Harry has been really popular among people across the world. He has often defied the royal legacy and craved his own way. Unlike, his elder brother Prince William who has carried his family’s legacy like ‘royalty’. 

With Queen Elizabeth II’s demise, at the age of 96, the throne has become a question of public speculation. The late queen’s son King Charles III became the king, and Prince William will follow after him. Although, the public has a slightly different view of the entire situation.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

Prince Harry married Meghan Markle, a famous actress known for was TV series Suits, in 2018. The royal wedding was the talk of the town, particularly because the royal family wasn’t happy with it. And, within two years of marriage, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to leave their royal status and shift to California, US.

In the 21st century, having a royal status feels a bit, not in sync with the times. There was overwhelming support for the move by the public. Though, some people did criticise the move. Some people even blamed Meghan Markle for manipulating Prince Harry into letting go of his royal status.

Meghan’s confession on Oprah Winfrey’s show

There were rumours from the Palace in London, that everything wasn’t good inside the royal, and that and Meghan Markle. Later, the royal couple confirmed the speculations. They stated that those situations became the reason for their departure from the royal family.

In the show, the couple confessed that there were talks about racism, money, and lies. Meghan Markle said someone was concerned about how dark will skin her would be. She added, that she felt lonely and even suicidal. 

There were hard feelings between Kate, wife of Prince William, and Meghan Markle. 

Through her maverick behaviour, Meghan Markle’s aura was deeply associated with the late Princess Diana, wife of King Charles III. The late princess was deeply loved by the public and didn’t adhere to royal protocol. And, the public started associating similar notions with Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry particularly has criticised the British media, and tabloids for their reporting on Meghan Markle, his wife. From writing sensational articles to some outright lies, Prince Harry stated that as one of the reasons for leaving the country.

Prince Harry lost his mother, Princess Diana, in a road accident, while the Princess was being chased by the media.

Harry breaks down on stage

Prince Harry comes out as a strong-minded individual, who stands up for his wife. Interestingly, there is another shade to the Prince. He is a profoundly sympathetic individual who engages in social activities which he passionately feels about. 

At the WellChild awards, 2019, Prince Harry expressed his gratitude to the people for inviting him to the award. He had recently become a father, and that meant learning about serious illnesses, and how inspiring people are. During his speech, he broke down on stage, reflecting his sensitivity towards parenthood and child care.

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