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KIDNEY FOR SALE! But, not to buy an iPhone

Ground Report | New Delhi: KIDNEY FOR SALE; In the capital city of Delhi, the Dilwalon ki Dilli, a man is putting his ‘Kidney for sale’ by sticking black-and-white A4 posters outside numerous hospital walls. While speaking to, Milan Kainey, emotionally mentions, it is for the treatment of his child’s illness.

The 28-year-old Milan Kainey, who lives in the Kailash Colony of South Delhi, said that his financial condition has been deeply impacted by the Coronavirus and its subsequent waves in the city. That leaves him with no choice but to put up posters of ‘Kidney For Sale’ for the last nine months, pleading for help. Now Delhi government should help him so that can treat his child’s illness.   

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Milan said, ‘I decided to sell my kidney. I could no longer support my family. I thought it was better to sell a kidney, and with the money, I can take care of them.’


Milan worked with a construction company. The first lockdown made it really difficult for him to survive. At the same time, the health of his younger son started going south and then deteriorating. Milan consulted multiple hospitals for his treatment. The doctors suspect that his son may have blood cancer. ‘I don’t have the money for his treatment’, Milan said in helplessness.

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‘Two people had contacted me to inquire about the kidney, but the blood group didn’t match. So, our conversation couldn’t come to a monetary conclusion’, he mentions.

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‘I am on the verge of losing hope. But, I can’t be discouraged. I have to keep going, says Milan, then he added, ‘I know that it is a crime to sell kidneys through such posters, but I have no choice. There is no money for my child’s treatment. I can make a video and make it public, but I have not done it for the sake of respect, because my parents are already very upset because of me.’ He said in anguish.


Dear reader, if someone reading this can help Milan in the treatment of his son. These are indeed difficult times for everyone.

The picture was taken at the Gangaram Hospital, Koral Bagh.

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