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Home » Khaby Lame: history, fortune and why he became famous

Khaby Lame: history, fortune and why he became famous

Khaby Lame: history, fortune and why he became famous

One of the most famous tiktokers in the world has broken a new record, due to his large number of followers, this is the young Khaby Lame, a content creator who has reached more than 142.8 million followers on the video social network.

Khaby Lame, originally from Senegal who now resides in Italy, has risen above TikTok’s previous top creator, Charli D’Amelio who has at least 142.3 million followers.

After the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, Lame launched his TikTok channel in March 2020, after he lost his job in a factory during the first days of the health contingency.

Khaby, 22, has become popular around the world thanks to the short videos he uploads to TikTok, in which he makes short comedy skits in which he sarcastically points out men and women who complicate simple and easy tasks without no reason.

“I have been passionate about entertaining and making people laugh since I was a child, and I am grateful to TikTok for offering me a global stage to share my passion with the rest of the world,” Lame said in a statement in August 2021, when he surpassed 100 million. of followers. “I will continue to work for my dreams, knowing that I can count on a beautiful community ready to cheer me on. Thank you and I love you all!”

His iconic facial expressions and use of irony have brought endless laughs to the community, to the point of becoming the first TikTok creator in Europe.

It’s notable that Lame becomes the most popular personality on TikTok given previous issues raised by users on the platform about how creators of colour, and specifically black creators, are treated.

Top 20 list of most followed TikTok accounts

RankAccount nameFollowers (millions)
#1Khaby Lame142.8
#2Charli D’Amelio142.2
#3Bella Poarch90.2
#4Addison Rae88
#5Will Smith72.3
#6Zach King68.8
#7Kimberly Loaiza64.2
#9CZN Burak59.3
#10Dixie D’Amelio57.4
#11Spencer X55.1
#12Loren Gray54.4
#14The Rock53
#15Jason Derulo52.4
#16Michael Le51.3
#18Younes Zarou47

Who is Khaby Lame?

Khaby is 21 years old, born in Senegal, but moved to Chivasso, Italy with his family when he was one year old.

He is the new star of TikTok and thanks to his videos in which he solves different daily problems in a simple way, he has achieved international fame.

Videos of him usually end with him making a comical expression showing his hands, as if to say “See, it was simple to solve”.

He started on TikTok in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when he was having a hard time losing his job.

Against his father’s wishes – who wanted him to go look for a new job – Khabane started investing his time on his TikTok account in the name of @khaby.lame.

However, what at first seemed like a simple hobby, slowly started to become a real phenomenon on social media.

His speechless video, mocking the technique of cutting bananas with a knife, became popular around the world.

The success is so great that he now has over 142.8 million followers on TikTok and accumulates over 2.3 billion likes on his videos, and that number is increasing every day.

This makes him one of the most popular tiktokers, currently, number one, followed by dancer @charlidamelio (142.3 million).

Khaby Lame also has over 78.3 million followers on Instagram and occasionally appears there with his girlfriend.

According to him, the inspiration for his videos goes back to his childhood, when he watched Crazy in the Hill with Will Smith.

How big is Lame’s fortune?

According to Celebs Lifes Reels, Lame has an estimated net worth fortune of between $1 to $2 million. This fortune was achieved through sponsorships and also through the TikTok Creators Incentive Fund.

Currently on TikTok, Lame has an average engagement rate of 0.10%. Considering his last 15 posts, the average amount he receives from TikTok sponsorship is somewhere between $13 and $33 million.

On Instagram, with his more than 76 million followers, Lame likewise earns between $143,000 and $238,000 for each sponsored post.

While these numbers indicate how much he earns, it is very difficult to estimate how much his wealth actually is. In addition to Instagram and TikTok accounts, Lame is present on YouTube.

That is, he still gets paid for the monetization of his videos. So he probably earns far beyond what we can estimate here.


Khaby is one of the great examples of how TikTok is a platform with the power to change people’s lives. From a simple unemployed boy to one of the biggest influencers in the world, Khaby Lame has overcome many challenges.

His comical videos and his sympathy won over the public, and as a result, Lame grows his number of followers day by day.

It will not be surprising if, in a short time, Khaby Lame consolidates the post of most popular users of TikTok, given his engagement rate – compared to others – elevating a single video to millions of people around the world.

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