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Kerala introduces Unisex Uniform in schools

Kerala introduces Unisex Uniform in schools

Ground Report | New Delhi: Kerala introduces Unisex Uniform; A government elementary school in Valayanchirangara in the Ernakulam district has shown the way to gender neutrality by introducing a common uniform to all its students. Below this, all the boys and girls studying at school now come to school in pants and three-quarter shirts.

The school administration says the measure will help promote gender-neutral attitudes among the most important segments of society, children. The decision to provide uniform uniforms for all students in any school in India is unique and the first of its kind.

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Kerala introduces Unisex Uniform

Unisex clothing is best described as clothing designed to be suitable for both genders in order to make men and women look similar.

In Kerala, the Minister of Education of the Left Front government, Vasudevan Sivankutty, praised the school’s decision. He said the government would help promote such gender inclusion activities. Sivankutty said in a tweet: “Textbooks emphasize ideas of gender justice, equality, and conscience, but these things should not be limited to textbooks only.” Students will wear the same uniform, ie shorts, and shirts.

The Minister of State for Education said that there should be a debate in society about whether it is still necessary to establish separate schools for boys and girls. “His government fully supports the idea of ​​a unisex uniform for all students, as it is an important step to ensure gender equality,” he said.

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He added that special measures will be taken to include gender equality and justice in the school curriculum.

“Gender equality should be on the minds of students and parents. Girls face a lot of problems when wearing skirts. Problems occur when going to the bathroom and while playing. That is also a factor. This dress is derived from the concept of gender-neutral uniforms. “said NP Jayakumar, former chair of the Committee of School Management.

Introduced in 2018

The school has 754 students. The decision to implement the new dress code was made in 2018 and was also implemented in the elementary section of the school. However, now that the school has reopened after a closure due to the Coronavirus epidemic, it has been implemented for students in all classes.

Suma KP, the present Headmistress in charge said that the students are very happy with the new uniform and the girls feel more comfortable in the uniform and are participating in sports activities with more confidence.

“This is a school with good vision. Gender equality was the main theme when we talked about many factors to implement in the school. That is why the uniform came to mind. When I was thinking about what to do with it, I could see that girls face a lot of problems when it comes to skirts. The idea of ​​a change was discussed with everyone. 90 percent of the parents supported this at the time. The boys were happy too. I feel very happy and proud that they are discussing this now, “said C Raji, a former director who introduced this uniform in 2018.

Kerala is the most literate state in India. According to the 2011 census, the southern state of Kerala has a literacy rate of 96.2%, while India has a national literacy rate of 65.83%.

The Kerala government had made another important decision earlier this month saying that it was not necessary for teachers to wear saris in schools. The state government said the dress was a personal matter and insisting on wearing a sari was not in keeping with Kerala’s progressive attitude.

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