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Kashmir problem to be resolved without mentioning Hurriyat or Pakistan’s name, says Rajnath Singh

Wahid Bhat, SRINAGAR: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said in a clear word on Saturday that Kashmir issue is going to be resolved and no power on earth can stop India by solving Kashmir issue.

He said without mentioning the Hurriyat and Pakistan’s name that no matter what talks or not, the solution to the Kashmir issue will be resolved.

How this will happen and what will happen, we know well. This is working in this direction. No power in the world can stop us. I am not speaking like this today. Speaking in a very thoughtful way, but you just need people’s support.

Rajnath was speaking after dedicating a bridge built on Dasari, a bridge built on Darya, and a bridge over the Ujj Dariya, located at Pandori, Kadua, just a few and a half km before the Zero Point of Indo-Pak International Border in Samba district of Jammu district.

Freedom of Pakistan’s agenda is not confused

The Union Defense Minister said that the freedom of freedom here, they themselves do not know how they want freedom. Does he want the freedom of Pakistan’s agenda? Those people who want to solve the issue, I will tell them that once they understand the matter properly, so that it can be diagnosed. But the slogan he is giving. If he talks about the agenda of Pakistan’s agenda, then this freedom will not be confused.

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We had given all unheard of on the conversation

Rajnath Singh said that when I was the Home Minister, I made every effort to restore the process of dialogue with all concerned on the Kashmir issue. I gave a treat to all. I also told local parties and leaders that they would cooperate in it. He also told national leaders that he can also use his influence and influence in Kashmir. Former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti was also appealed to create an atmosphere of dialogue. Apart from this, our three senior Union ministers also went to negotiate with the leaders of Kashmir to resolve the problem in Kashmir, but our talk was ignored.

Junk to make Jammu Kashmir

The Defense Minister said that Jammu and Kashmir is special for the whole country. We want to make Jammu Kashmir a state of the country, want to make such a janat, where tourists from all over the world will come. Here is our purpose – happiness and prosperity – peace and confidence.

Kashmir’s youth not just state, the whole of India’s future

Rajnath Singh said that we want to make Jammu Kashmir a developed state. I believe the youth here not only the state but the future of entire India. Make this country and your future happy with full cooperation in the creation of a strong and healthy India. But here are some elements that do not want the youth here to become part of nation building.

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India will be one of the three big economies

Referring to various schemes of ongoing socio-economic development in the country, the Defense Minister said that special attention is being given for the development of infrastructure. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also believes that as long as the public will not have basic amenities, we can not move forward. If we want to be involved in the world’s three big economies by 2030, then we have to develop rapidly in infrastructure.

Army’s efforts also appreciated

Rajnath said that Kashmir has been made militants by militants, but our army has done its best to normalize the situation in Kashmir by implementing its duty even in these difficult situations. This will make efforts to revive Kashmir again.