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Home » Kashmir: A man who died 60 years ago has been vaccinated against Covid

Kashmir: A man who died 60 years ago has been vaccinated against Covid

Kashmir: A man who died

Ground Report | New Delhi: Kashmir: A man who died; A man in Kashmir valley has learned that his grandfather, who died six decades ago, had received two doses of the corona vaccine. 33-year-old Mudassar Siddiqui, a resident of Srinagar, says he found the profile of his late grandfather Ali Muhammad Bhatt on the CoWIN platform, which is used by the government for corona vaccination.

According to the data available on this website, the late Ali Bhatt has been given two doses of the corona vaccine. “I tested positive for the coronavirus a month ago, so I recently registered for the first dose of the vaccine,” Mudassar said.

Kashmir: A man who died 60 years has been vaccinated

“I also persuaded the family to get vaccinated. All of them registered themselves through my number due to which the data of the entire family was available on one page of the website.”The official website has the names of the families who entered the data through their numbers, including my grandfather’s name,” he added, The wire reported.

Mudassar is shocked because he has never seen his grandfather himself. “Even my father does not remember exactly when and how his grandfather died.” He pointed out that the reference number and secret code found by the grandfather on the website was unique, while his date of birth and other details belonged to my father.

Technical issue

“Even if it was a technical issue, how did the website find out my grandfather’s name because we didn’t even register his name.” According to official figures, 318,693 cases and 4,350 deaths have been reported in Jammu and Kashmir since the outbreak of the Covid epidemic.

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So far, more than 5.15 million corona vaccines have been administered in the region, of which 4.3 million have received the first dose. A news report quoted local officials as saying that vaccinations had been stepped up in anticipation of the third wave of coronavirus. Over the past few weeks, several local media reports have reported clashes between locals refusing to be vaccinated and health workers urging them to do so.

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