Karnataka youth finds his private video on Adult sites

Ground Report | New Delhi: Karnataka youth video on Adult site; The Karnataka Cyber, Economic and Narcotics Crime (CEN) Police have registered a complaint with a BPO employee in connection with uploading his private video with his girlfriend on various adult sites in Bengaluru, police said on Monday.

The complainant and his girlfriend had spent some time back in a hotel in Bangalore. The miscreants managed to record their private moments and uploaded the videos on various adult sites.

The young man had found his own video by visiting a adult site and when he came forward, he found his videos in other adult sites as well. However, the faces of the complainant and his girlfriend are blurred in the uploaded video.

The victim has said in her complaint that her girlfriend and she had spent some time in a hotel in Bengaluru a few weeks back. Some miscreants allegedly recorded these moments in a secret camera and uploaded them on various adult sites.

The incident came to light on January 21 when he opened one such site and saw the video. Later he found the same video in other sites as well.

Police said the faces of both parties were blurred in the uploaded video. However, pointing to certain physical features, such as a birthmark on his chest, the victim claimed that it was him. However, the police suspect that the uploaded video was not shot in secret as it covers the action from different angles. They have registered a case and are investigating.

The complainant had identified his birthmark on the chest and lodged a complaint. However, the police said that the video was shot from different angles and they suspect that it was not shot with secret cameras. However, as the investigation progresses, the truth will come out, the police said.

CN Crime Police has taken up the matter for investigation against unknown miscreants. The police also questioned the hotel staff and recorded their statements. Further investigation is on.

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