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Home » Karnataka teacher forced student’s mother for sex, Video viral

Karnataka teacher forced student’s mother for sex, Video viral

Three Tamil Nadu boys gangraping classmate, shared video with Students

In a shocking incident, a teacher forced his student’s mother to have sex and a video of the act was circulated in the Raichur district of Karnataka.

The accused is identified as Mohammad Azaruddin, a teacher at the Singapura Government School. The accused teacher is also accused of misbehaving with schoolchildren, police said on Sunday.

Following a complaint against him, the Deputy Director of the Raichur District Department of Public Instruction issued a suspension order against the accused teacher.

Karnataka police arrested school teacher for allegedly forcing the mother of one of his students to have sex with him and then circulating a video of the act.

According to the police, the complainant has alleged that the teacher promised her daughter tuition and government facilities and forced her to have sexual relations with him.

“He recorded the act. She then threatened the woman to cooperate with him or he would make the video of her go viral on social media. Later he circulated the video,” a police officer said.

The woman approached the police and the man was arrested on Sunday in Goa, where he had fled. During the investigation, police said, the defendant was found to be severely punishing children and touching them inappropriately.

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According to police, the student’s mother alleged that the accused teacher had promised her that she would give her her daughter’s tuition, and her government facilities, and forced her to have sex with him.

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