Several killed in the Kabul Mosque Blast, Maulvi Amir Kabuli was on target

Kabul Mosque Blast: An explosion has ripped through a Siddiqiya mosque in the Sar-e-Kotal Khair khana area north of Kabul during evening prayers, killing and injuring a number of worshipers. There are unconfirmed reports that the mosque Imam is among the dead.

The Emergency NGO said it had received 27 people, including 5 children, at its hospital in Kabul following the incident.

The Afghan journalist Rabia Sadat reported that around 50 worshippers at the mosque had been killed including prominent religious scholar Maulvi Amir Mohammad Kabuli. 

There are reports that Islamic State Khorasan-linked channels are celebrating the explosion in the Siddiqiya Mosque of Maulvi Amir Mohammad Kabuli in Kabul, claiming that scholar, Maulvi Amir Mohammad Kabuli, has been killed in the blast.

However, there is no official confirmation on this.

Maulvi Amir Muhammad Kabuli

maulvi amir kabuli

Maulvi Amir Muhammad Kabuli is a prominent Hanafists religious scholar. He is a Sufi leader.

He was the target of ISKP (The Islamic State – Khorasan Province), an affiliate of the Islamic State militant group active in South Asia and Central Asia. There are speculations that the terrorist group ISKP could be behind this Siddiquia mosque blast. The group is even more hardline than the Taliban and has vowed to continue to keep up attacks now that the group has taken over.

What is Hanafi Islam?

The Sunni Hanafi school is dominant in the Arab Middle East, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. In Sunni Muslim tradition, Hanafi is one of four “schools of law” and is considered the oldest and most liberal school of law. 

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