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#JusticeForAnkita: Why did India Today change the name of the accused to Abhishek from Shahrukh?

#JusticeForAnkita: Why did India Today change the name of the accused to Abhishek from Shahrukh?

After Shahrukh Hussain poured petrol on a Hindu girl in Jharkhand and set her on fire, India Today, while showing the news, identity Shahrukh’s name as ‘Abhishek’. Therefore, strong criticism and comments have started on social media against India Today Group.

India Today change name

Due to a Innocent mistake, India Today initially reported his name as ‘Abhishek’ in their story titled “Man who set girl on fire in Jharkhand’s Dumka seen smiling in police custody”.

The latest version of India Today has corrected this shocking “bug” and put a mild apology at the bottom, which reads:

Corrigendum: An earlier version of this article stated the name of the accused as Abhishek, which has been corrected now. The error is regretted.

what is the Ankita murder case?

Dumka girl Ankita Kumari, who was set on fire by her stalker Shahrukh Hussain 5 days ago, succumbed to her injuries in the early hours of Sunday. Now, two videos have surfaced on social media containing the deceased’s painful and heartbreaking statement of death.

In the first video, Ankita Kumari is seen speaking to the media from her hospital bed. The deceased, in obvious pain, said that Shahrukh Hussain had threatened her with dire consequences the night before the attack.

She further recalled how she left her and immediately informed her father about the same. Since it was late at night, her father asked her to go to sleep and told her that they would figure out what steps to take the next morning.

Jharkhand police on Monday arrested the second accused in connection with the murder of a class 12 student in Dumka district. Ankita Kumari was allegedly set on fire by defendant Shahrukh on August 23, after she did not reciprocate her proposal. Subsequently, the accused was arrested.

The victim was first admitted to Phulo Jhano Medical College and Hospital in Dumka in critical condition. She was later referred to the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) in Ranchi for further treatment.

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