#JusticeForALLinTurkey trending, A complete story

JusticeForALLinTurkey: A march to the European Court of Human Rights has begun on behalf of the millions who have suffered rights violations in Turkey. Thousands of people who went to the headquarters of the ECHR in Strasbourg said, “Justice Delayed Is Not Justice!” shouting slogans.

Decree-laws from different European countries are meeting today in front of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, France. The members of the Decree-Law, who will come together to draw attention to the unlawfulness in Turkey, ask the ECtHR, “How long will you remain silent about the atrocities?”

A demonstrator wearing a snail costume said, “Even I am faster than you, ECHR,” with a banner he was carrying.

Yüksel Kaya, Director of Solidarity With Others Association, said that they will host the activists who will come to Strasbourg from many parts of Europe. Kaya noted that along with the ECHR, the Council of Europe will be on the route of the action cortege.

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The ECHR’s ‘justice delayed’ fell into the mouth of even a snail.

Prepared banners, masks and t-shirts are distributed to those who come to the gathering place.

A Twitter user wrote “ACTION with Snail Today, hundreds of people gathered in front of @ECHR_CEDH to criticize its slow action in the face of Injustices in Turkey. One of the most interesting figures is with a Snail outfit who called out!: “EVEN I AM FASTER THAN YOU””

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Another user wrote “Birgül Bulut has been imprisoned in Erzurum for 4.5 years. He takes 20 drugs a day for asthma, blood coagulation disorder, hypertension and heart rhythm disorders. He has serious kidney disease. Family relatives are taking care of the remaining 3 children”.


“As long as we live, we will not give up our struggle for all sick prisoners, tortured, babies in prison, those who were kidnapped in the heart of Ankara, and everyone who suffered injustice. Please support our label throughout the day” another user wrote.


Erdoğan regime imprisoned thousands of educated and socially beneficial people with simple excuses merely because they’re opposed to him. When is the ECtHR going to speak up against this injustice? We call on the brave judges of Strasbourg to take action!

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