Why Jayanti Chauhan refused to takeover Bisleri?

These days Jayanti Chauhan, daughter of Ramesh Chauhan, the owner of Bisleri, is being talked about a lot. It is reported that she has refused to take over his father’s 7000 crore mineral water business, and since then Ramesh Chauhan has made up his mind to sell this business.

Ramesh Chauhan is one of the renowned industrialists of India, he created many brands and sold them. He took over the reins of Bisleri in 1969, before which it was a soda brand. Ramesh Chauhan has made it synonymous with mineral water in the country and the world. Bisleri is the top company in the bottled water business.

ramesh chauhan owner of Bisleri

Ramesh Chauhan’s successor is his daughter Jayanti Chauhan. Jayanthi Chauhan has contributed a lot to her father’s business, she has connected the company with automation and modern technology at many levels. But Jayanti Chauhan has little interest in the Bisleri business. In such a situation, Ramesh Chauhan has to decide to sell his company.

Even before this, Ramesh Chauhan has sold many of his brands, such as Thumbs Up. But Bisleri has been very close to Ramesh Chauhan’s heart. The decision to sell it has been a difficult one for him.

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What does Jayanti Chauhan do?

What does Jayanti Chauhan do

Jayanthi Chauhan is the only daughter of 82-year-old Ramesh Chauhan. Jayanti spent her childhood in Delhi Mumbai and New York.

After completing high school, she joined the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Los Angeles.

Along with fashion and styling, she also loves traveling and photography.

In the year 2009, Ramesh Chauhan asked his daughter to take over the Bisleri business. But Jayanthi found the Delhi office very depressing and she became very demotivated.

In the year 2010, Jayanti decided to leave Bisleri and move to London.

In London, she did her Master’s in Arabic and traveled all over the world.

In 2011, Jayanti returned to India again and took over the reins of Bisleri. Instead of Delhi, this time she thought it better to stay in Mumbai.

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Jayanti is the Vice Chairperson of Bisleri. But Jayanthi now wants to come out of Bisleri and set foot in the business of her choice. That is why she has flatly refused to continue her father’s business.

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