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Japan’s culture of cleanliness seen at FIFA world cup

japan team dressing room after the match

The people of Japan are taught to take care of cleanliness from childhood. They teach their children to take care of cleanliness and hygiene in the form of culture. Its examples can be seen everywhere. When FIFA shared the pictures of the dressing room of the Japanese team on its official Twitter handle, everyone was surprised to see them. It was pictures of the dressing room left by the team in a neat and clean condition after the victory over Germany.

Usually, players do not take care of cleanliness in the celebration mood of victory, in order to celebrate, they left the dressing room in turmoil, but the picture of Japan’s dressing room was different. Even after the victory, the players kept everything in its place in the dressing room.

Water bottles were stacked in the room, towels were kept folded, along with all the accessories were kept in an orderly manner.

Along with this, 11 origami cranes were also made, and a thank you card was also made by the team.

japan left dressing room spotless

After the victory match, the Japanese audience also cleaned the Khalifa International Stadium. They cleaned the entire stadium by picking up the garbage. After this, the whole world is surprised to see the gesture of the Japanese.

People are praising Japan a lot on social media

This is not the first time that Japan is being praised in this way, even before this the Japanese team has taken care of cleanliness in many World Cups and Olympic Games.

Let’s see how people have reacted to this tweet

Tatsu Tori, Ato Wo Nigo-sazu My parent taught me a proverb when I was elementary school. Translation is not exactly collect maybe, but meaning is as follows; Cast no dirt into the well that gives you water.


Speechless. Wondering how come all of them (Japanese) brought up with this same disciplined behavior.


it’s because we are taught to do so in elementary school. kids in japan do the cleaning of classrooms in japanese schools. and we end up having a tought of “when leaving a place, leave it cleaner then when it was when you came”.


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