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Jamia shooter encourages mob to kidnap Muslim women

Jamia shooter encourages mob; The 17-year-old, who opened fire on a group of anti-CAA protesters last year near Jamia Millia Islamia

By Ground report
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Jamia shooter encourages mob

Ground Report | New Delhi: Jamia shooter encourages mob; The 17-year-old, who opened fire on a group of anti-CAA protesters last year near Jamia Millia Islamia, took part in a mahapanchayat in Pataudi on Sunday, where he encouraged the mob to kidnap Muslim women.

Jamia shooter encourages mob

A purported video of his speech at the mahapanchayat was shared by several people on social media. In the video, he can be heard saying that they will raise 'Ram Ram' slogans when Muslims are attacked. At the mahapanchayat, which was called to discuss conversion, 'love jihad' and law to control the population, he also called on people to abduct Muslim women if Hindu women were "removed".

According to the report of the Indian Express, he said, “Pataudi se kewal itni si chetavani dena chaahta hoon, un… jihadiyon ko, aatankwadi mansikta ke logon ko, jab (main) sau kilometre door Jamia ja sakta hoon CAA ke samarthan mein, toh Pataudi zyada door nahin hai. (I want to give only this warning from Pataudi, to… Jihadis, people with a terrorist mindset, when (I) can go 100 kilometers away to Jamia in support of CAA, then Pataudi is not very far),” he says, before ending his speech with the slogan of “Jai Sri Ram”.

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We are father of Pakistan: Haryana BJP spokesperson

On the other hand, Haryana BJP spokesperson and Karni Sena President Suraj Pal Amu said in a mahapanchayat organized in Pataudi, Gurgaon on Saturday that we do not have to make history, so that Taimur, Aurangzeb, Babur and Humayun are not born again.

While addressing the Mahapanchayat, Suraj Pal said, 'If India is our mother, then we are the father of Pakistan and we will not give these Pakistanis a house on rent in the houses here. Get them out of this country, pass this resolution.

He said, 'The country was partitioned during 1947. We have seen the bodies of one million people, till date those dead bodies have not been accounted for and we are giving them houses and shops on rent. Now it is learned that their parks are being built in Pataudi. Overthrow the stones of the park. Which youth are ready to uproot the stone?

He said in the mahapanchayat on Sunday, 'I remember Suraj Pal Singh of Ujjina, who did not allow the construction of a mosque in the village. A young man told me that a mosque is being constructed again in Bhodakalan, they had stopped earlier but now they have started the construction work again. Finish it till the foundation is laid.

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Suraj Pal targeted actor Saif Ali Khan

Suraj Pal also targeted actor Saif Ali Khan and his family, saying, 'They say that there is love jihad in Pataudi, the people who gave birth to Taimur are also Pataudis. Thakur sahib is sitting here, when Nawab Pataudi died, he was the one who had a turban on his head. We know how to give respect, we also want to respect Taimur's mother. Love jihad happened even during Sharmila Tagore's time, Pataudi himself had planted its seed and now only you will reap it. Stop welcoming them.

He said, 'If you want to make history within the country, history is not to be made, history is to be made, neither Timur will be born, nor Aurangzeb, Babur and Humayun will be born. We are hundred crores and they are twenty crores.

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