James Vasquez fighting for Ukraine has a message for well-wishers

After leaving the family to fight Russian-American soldier James Vasquez has a special message that he is grateful for the support he has received from people around the world.

Vasquez, in a video posted to Twitter Thursday, said that he had booked an apartment where he could wash with towels and soap and sleep well. I also thanked everyone for their support and financial support.

“I want to thank everyone and tell you how much I appreciate all of your help and your generosity and your well wishes and your prayers and your donations,” Vasquez, who has a graying goatee, said in his video on Thursday. “It’s super overwhelming not only for me but for everyone I’m here with. So, thank you. Thank you.”

James Vasquez

The US military veteran took to Twitter on February 25 – it was a Friday – to make public his decision to go to Ukraine and “fight.”

He said that he will document his journey through Twitter and for this he joined the social media platform.

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Vasquez has already amassed almost 276,000 followers on Twitter. One of his tweets has more than 105,000 likes. He has risen to fame so quickly that he has “a lot of media outlets wanting to interview him.”

In light of this, he tweeted today (Friday March 25) asking those who wish to speak with him to “wait until he returns.” He plans to spend the next two months in the Ukraine.

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