Footballer Jack Grealish watched his friends rape girls in the party?

England footballer Jack Grealish was found to have links with the same woman who was raped by his teammate at Benjamin Mendy’s house.

Jack Grealish is an England footballer, during the trial of Benjamin Mendy, the court found that Jack Grealish had sex with a 23-year-old girl on the same night she was raped. This disclosure came during the interrogation of the police.

Benjamin Mendy is a Manchester City footballer who has been charged with 7 rapes, 1 attempt to rape and 1 sexual assault. At the same time, his partner Louis Saha Matturie has been accused of 6 rapes, and 3 sexual assaults. Both have denied these allegations before the court.

The football world has been shocked since the name of Jack Grealish came in trial after Benjamin Mendy and Louis Saha.

During the hearing of the case, the 23-year-old woman told that Matturie had raped her in the car at China white nightclub before going to Mendy’s Mansion in Prestbury.

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The victim told the court that Mendy raped her twice during a gathering at his home, during which Jack Grealish and his Birmingham accomplices were also present.

The victim had reached the party with her three other teenage friends, their phone was taken away before going inside the party.

Matturie takes along the 23-year-old victim to get more alcohol, as Grealish wanted more vodka. During this, he rapes the victim in the car.

The girl faints in the car and later finds out that Matturie is raping her.

In the lounge area, Mendy checks out the 17-year-old teenager and then rapes her by taking her to the office. Here he rapes the girl twice.

She then searches for her partner the 17-year-old who is in the lounge area and reveals that she has just had sex with Jack Grealish. ‘I don’t know if he was consensual or not.’

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The teenager told that after the rape by Mendy, Matturie raped her in the cinema room. By then Grealish had passed out.

Both men say if any sex did take place with women or girls it was consensual.


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