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Israel has to accept existence: US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden has clarified that "there has been no change in his outlook and his commitment to Israel." He said that "

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Israel has to accept existence: US President Joe Biden

Ground Report | New Delhi: US President Joe Biden has clarified that "there has been no change in his outlook and his commitment to Israel." He said that "the support of the Democratic Party of America is still with Israel."

President Joe Biden said this in a press conference with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday. He said that "a two-nation policy" can only be a solution in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. The Democratic Party supports this. " Biden stated that "Israel's existence in the Middle East has to be accepted, believing that it is an independent Jewish nation, only then there can be peace in that region."

In the last few days, many international political analysts have written that there has been a dramatic change in the attitude of America (Democratic Party) towards the Middle East. Especially among the younger generation, whose attitude towards the Palestinians is more sympathetic and this change is clearly visible due to the age difference in the supporters of the Democratic Party.

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Some news reports also claimed that 'Israel's policies in Biden's party are being considered to increase the troubles of the Palestinians. In the case of Middle East conflicts in the US Parliament, the inclination of US foreign policy has traditionally been towards Israel. But as diversity in Parliament has increased, its significant effects on US policy towards Israel are beginning to be seen. But amid such discussions, President Joe Biden on Friday clarified a few things.

He said, "I made it clear while talking to President Mohammad Abbas (Palestinian Authority) that we will ensure the safety of the people in the West Bank. We have renewed our security commitments. At the same time, we also have economic commitments for the people of the West Bank. " He said that he is also committed to rebuilding Gaza and for this, he can consider a package with some other countries.

Biden said, "I hope this ceasefire will last." I pray for this Anyway, Netanyahu never gave me his words. However, I have made it clear that the security of Palestinians living in the West Bank should be ensured and Abbas should be considered the leader of the Palestinian people who he is as well. ”

In this press conference, Biden said that "Hamas is an extremist organization. America believes so." But this does not mean that America will not help the common Palestinian citizens who have been killed on this side two-way.

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He said, "Israeli citizens, whether they are Arabs or Jews, all should get equal status and there should be a ban on mutual hatred among the people."

Joe Biden stated that senior members of his administration are in constant contact with Egypt and other countries of the Middle East, including their counterparts in the Israeli government.

In this press conference, President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in also expressed happiness over the ceasefire and said that "he respects the hard work of President Biden who has continuously striven for it."

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