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ISIS Names New Chief; A complete story

ISIS Names New Chief; A complete story

Ground Report | New Delhi: ISIS Names New Chief; ISIS confirmed the death of its former leader, Abu Ibrahim Al-Hashemi Al-Quraishi, in a US airstrike last month in an audio statement on Thursday. The extremist group, founded in 2014, also announced the appointment of its third “emir”.

ISIS Names New Chief

ISIS said in a statement that “Abu Al-Hassan Al-Hashemi Al-Quraishi will be the emir and caliph of the Muslims, and the Islamic State jihadists have sworn allegiance to him.”

More details are not available about the new “emir” of ISIS. According to Abu Omar al-Muhajir, the new spokesman for ISIS had already confirmed the succession of Abu al-Hassan al-Qurayshi before his death. After his death, senior leaders of the group confirmed his appointment.

The statement added that former leaders Abu Ibrahim al-Qureshi and ISIS spokesman Abu Hamza al-Qureshi had been killed in recent days.

In fact, former ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Qureshi was killed during a US special forces operation in northwestern Syria on February 3. He was the successor to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the first leader of ISIS. Baghdadi was killed in a similar US military operation in October 2019.

ISIS is weak but not over 

The new leader of ISIS has taken over the command of the extremist group at a time when its condition is very weak and it is no longer as organized and powerful as it was in the early years of its existence. When he dominated large parts of Syria and Iraq and the fate of millions of people in the region was in his hands.

Soon after another well-known jihadist group split from al-Qaeda in 2014, it quickly became the most dangerous terrorist organization in the region. However, the group’s grip on the region almost ended in 2019 when US-backed Kurdish forces launched a series of operations against it in Syria and Iraq.

According to a report released by the United Nations in 2021, about 10,000 ISIS fighters are still active in Iraq and Syria. In these areas, they are continuing their operations against Kurdish forces and the Russian-backed government of Bashar al-Assad.

The Mir Amat Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, an Israeli organization investigating terrorism, claims that ISIS carried out 2,705 attacks in 2021, killing 8,147 people.

ISIS carried out most of its attacks in Afghanistan in 2021, killing more than 2,200 people. Most of these deaths occurred in mid-2021 after the withdrawal of US and Western allies from Afghanistan. The death toll was slightly higher than in Iraq, where about 2,083 people were killed by ISIS.

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