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IPL outside India? Here is what you need to know

BCCI is discussing about getting IPL abroad as well, but it will be in the same situation when BCCI will have no option left.

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IPL 2020 outside India

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IPL was supposed to start from March 29 but it was postponed due to Coronavirus Pandemic across the world.

According to a report, a BCCI official has said that the board is also considering organizing IPL abroad. BCCI official said, "The board is considering all options at this time. If IPL has to be taken out of India, then it is also being considered, but it will be the last option. If this is the only one If the option is left, then we can think about it. We have done this before, but our priority is to organize it in India itself. "

At the same time, T20 World Cup 2020 is scheduled to be held in October this year, but due to Corona, the clouds of crisis are hovering over it. It is being speculated that this year the World Cup may be postponed and in such a situation the path of IPL will be cleared.

However, no final decision has been taken yet, in such a situation the BCCI is also waiting for this decision of the ICC. The BCCI official said, "We will have to wait for the ICC's decision on the T20 World Cup. Before discussing anything further about the IPL, we need a clear picture about the T20 World Cup. All I can say right now is that No decision has been taken".

According to reports there was a meeting of the ICC Board on May 28, in which the decision on the World Cup was to be taken but the ICC has postponed it till June 10. In such a situation, ICC may take a decision about t20 World Cup.

In an interview with TimesNow, Dhumal said, "If it is safe for our players to play IPL in India, then it would be our first preference but in case the situation does not permit and we are not left with any choice and a window is available then we can look at moving IPL 2020 out of India."

The IPL was organised overseas in the past and if the board deems it fit then it could do it again this year as well, hinted Dhumal.

"We have done it in the past in South Africa. We may not want to do it willingly but if that's the only possibility then there is not much anyone can do about it," Dhumal further added.

The tournament was scheduled to kick off from 29th March. If the BCCI decides to shift the tournament abroad, it will be third such occasion. In 2009, the tournament was held in South Africa while parts of the tournament in 2014 were staged in UAE. On both occasions, the call was made due to the General Election in the country.

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