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Home » Capabilities are tested in “challenging” times: Beforv COO Aarnav Kalra

Capabilities are tested in “challenging” times: Beforv COO Aarnav Kalra

Beforv COO Aarnav Kalra

In the last few years, we have seen many digital startups by youngsters who have touched the heights of success. The biggest motive behind a startup is the desire to do something different, a unique idea or a dream to live life with freedom. One such dream was seen by Aarnav Kalra and Gaurav Mohite, founders of Beforv Digital Media Startup. Instead of pursuing a corporate job, they dreamt of doing something unique. After several unsuccessful attempts, the foundation of Beforv was laid in 2019, which is today scaling success in the world of media promotion and brand consultancy with 540K followers on Instagram and 127 million-plus insights.

aarnav kalra beforv interview with ground report

We spoke to the founder of the company, Aarnav Kalra, about the thought behind starting Beforv and his life.

Tell us something about yourself?

-Aakriti Verma

Hi, my name is Aarnav Kalra, I am the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and co-founder of a digital media startup called Beforv, which has over 540 k followers on Instagram particularly looking over the business, branding and marketing side of things. Also, I am a Hotel and Hospitality Administration graduate and someone who loves to learn all things business.

How will you describe Beforv? What is the motivation and idea behind starting the brand?

Beforv is a digital media startup that was started in 2019 with over 500K+ followers on Instagram and 126 million+ insights which revolve around media promotions, branding & brand consultancy, our niche on Instagram revolves around filmmaking & photography & recently we are planning on extending our arms towards production.

Beforv on a business front has managed to acquire 450+ international clients & over 30 international brand collaborations with brands like Nikon, Insta360, Fujifilm, PowerVision etc.

The motivation behind building something like Beforv almost started 5 years back as me and my partner both had started many digital media startups but failed in the same, many times that those failures helped us in learning and doing things properly this time around.

Also, we both never wanted to work under anyone, even the thought of it haunted us so much that early on we started to work on ourselves & our skillsets to build something of our own that we love to do & can make a living out of it.

It must have been a tough journey for you, Could you share with us the Challenges faced by You and your partner? And how do you tackle those challenges?

I would say it’s never been a tough journey, I would like to say it’s been more off on the challenging side & I am sure a lot of entrepreneurs can relate with me as we do face challenges every day which range from day to day operations to even hiring people but the true entrepreneurial capabilities are tested in these “challenging” times and since our major presence is on Instagram we do face new challenges every day because Instagram can be very funny and unpredictable sometimes. Working on an algorithm oriented platform and to be relevant on it we do have to study our insights, community rules, demographics & what works and what doesn’t because let me admit the better the engagement I get the better I’ll get paid by brands & businesses, so understanding Instagram is the biggest challenge in itself because trust me when I say this the platform is like a chameleon changing its colors every day.

That being said we do take challenges head-on as that’s what our start-up demands.

Where do you see Beforv, 5 years from now?

We @beforv have been always fascinated about production so five years from now I do see it becoming a really big production house and on a business front in the past 3 years, we’ve grown nearly 1468% so that’s the streak I wish to continue & make this something much bigger.

You’ve reached so far in the journey, you must’ve had some key takeaways you always look up to?

There are some major key takeaways that we @beforv live by-

Always look and focus on the bigger picture & never let that be compensated for short term monetary gains, Understand the power of no & positive reinforcement. Lastly, you can’t make it big without a great team.

There goes a saying that Books are Entrepreneurs’ Best friends. On a lighter note, I would like to ask what books you read? How do you imply those learnings into your startup or in daily life?

I’ll be really honest with you I’m not much of a reader and I’ve never been one to date, I’ve always believed in the power of listening and I’ve always been a good listener so prefer podcasts, audiobooks rather than the good old reading because listening helps me and I honestly understand things better that way and till date I’ve read only one book properly that is “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, that has made me what I’m today.

And answering the latter part of the question I not only imply what I learn from the audiobooks or the podcasts I hear, but I’m also a kind of person who is hungry for knowledge so whatever I learn, I take key points from that learning and work on myself to reach there and imply them. 

We sincerely hope that you had a fun time answering the questions. We wish you all the best and luck for your future endeavours.

Thank you once again. Have a nice day.

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