India’s response to report that ‘defame’ Pakistan

India has completely rejected the allegations of ‘EU disinformation’ of running an international propaganda campaign against Pakistan on an Indian network.

The Ministry of External Affairs said that as a responsible democracy, India did not campaign to spread misinformation. It is not a neighbor of India who does this but gives shelter to terrorists and runs such campaigns.

‘EU DisinfoLab’, an organization working on fake news in the European Union, has claimed that for the last 15 years, a network has been working at the international level, which aims to discredit Pakistan at the international level and benefit India’s interests. .

The EU DisinfoLab states in its report that many inactive organizations and 750 local fake media institutions were used for this purpose.

Addressing a press conference on Friday, External Affairs Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava put India’s side on the matter.He also blamed Pakistan for indirectly spreading misinformation. However, he did not explicitly name Pakistan.

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Anurag Shrivastava said, “Misinformation spreads people who have a record of concealment such as sheltering internationally found terrorists including Osama bin Laden and unsuccessful attempts to conceal their role in 26/11 Mumbai attack. Anurag Shrivastava said, “Being a responsible democracy, India does not run a campaign to spread misinformation. Rather, if you want to see wrong information, then the best example is a neighbor who has been giving imaginary and fabricated dossiers and has been spreading fake news constantly.

The EU DisinfoLab states that the network was created with the intention to “discredit Pakistan internationally” and influence decisions in the United Nations Human Rights Council and the European Parliament.

The person whose identity was stolen for this propaganda campaign is considered to be one of the fathers of international human rights law. He died in the year 2006 itself. He was 92 then.

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This inquiry report named as ‘Indian Chronicles’ was published this Wednesday.

Last year, the EU DisinfoLab partially exposed this network, but now the organization says that this campaign is much bigger and wider than what they had previously suspected.

However, there is no talk of this network having any direct connection with the Government of India. No evidence has been found related to this.


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