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India’s exit from Afghanistan begins, huge investment in balance

India to participate in talks with Taliban in Moscow

Ground Report | New Delhi: India’s exit from Afghanistan begins; After the Taliban entered Kabul on Sunday, the security system in the diplomatic area in the center of the capital was completely destroyed. Closed items were seen kept in the boxes of the Indian Embassy in the same area.

According to a news published in the newspaper Indian Express, the Government of India has planned to bring all the employees of its embassy back to India via a special flight on Sunday night, the doors of the Indian embassy were kept a six-feet statue of Emperor Ashoka’s pillar and dozens of sealed cartons.

India’s exit from Afghanistan begins

The newspaper says that it is not only a process for India to evacuate Indians from there, but it is time to rethink its relationship with Afghanistan in the last two decades.

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Over the years, India has invested in about 500 small and big projects in Afghanistan, including schools, hospitals, health centres, children’s hostels, and bridges. Even India has invested heavily in the Parliament House, Salma Dam, and Zaranj-Delaram Highway, which stand as a symbol of the Republic in Afghanistan.

Apart from these, India is working on the development of Iran’s Chabahar port by investing crores of rupees, to which the connecting road goes through Afghanistan. Quoting an Indian diplomat, the newspaper wrote that ‘they do not know now what will be the future of these projects. 

India’s loss is much more

However, he also said that if these projects are damaged, then the loss will be only to the common citizens. India’s loss is much more than this because if the Taliban comes to power, its influence in Afghanistan may also end. How India responds to this whole matter will depend on what the Taliban takes towards India.

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For Delhi, the redline had weakened over the months: the last such redline, “will not accept power-grabbing by force”. The elimination of the Taliban has been a military offensive, but there has been hardly any bloodshed in the takeover since then, as the Afghan government and its security establishment opted for total surrender.

Outside the embassy, ​​the boys were seen carrying huge tissue rolls from embassies vacated by foreign governments. A man is photographed locking an embassy gate while his friends laugh

A few meters ahead, the guards of the Presidential Palace had taken off their uniforms for Pathan suits. One of the officers said: “The palace has a new owner.”

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