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Home ยป India: WhatsApp reportedly down; users facing issues

India: WhatsApp reportedly down; users facing issues

India: WhatsApp reportedly down; users facing issues

WhatsApp users around the world seem to be having trouble sending messages on the app. Meta-owned WhatsApp services have reportedly suffered a partial outage. While there is no official response or acknowledgment from WhatsApp, there are reports that users are unable to send or receive messages on the messaging platform.

It means that users are likely to send and receive messages without actually being delivered, which could lead to problems.

WhatsApp does not maintain any official outlets to update users about the outages. Unlike the rest of Meta, it doesn’t have an official status page and has a Twitter account meant to document issues, but hasn’t used it since 2014.

However, an official response has not yet been received from Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp and Facebook. Not only smartphone users but also WhatsApp web and WhatsApp desktop apps also fell. It is unclear how long it will take for WhatsApp to return to normal.

If you try and cannot send a WhatsApp message this morning, you are not alone. The hugely popular service, which boasts more than 2 billion users worldwide has been plagued by some serious gremlins that have left thousands of fans unable to use the platform. When they try to chat, many just see the clock icon on their messages, which means they haven’t been sent.

Social media memes.

Meta- Whatspp is the largest chat platform in the world, with more than two billion monthly active users, and the third largest social platform after Facebook and YouTube.

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