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India refuses entry to British lawmaker critical of Kashmir policy

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Ground Report | Delhi

Opposing the removal of article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir to a UK MP has become costly. The Government of India has taken a tough stand and Cancelled the visa of the British MP. Whereas the same MP had recently written a letter to the British Parliament on Kashmir. Debbie is considered a critic of Kashmir policy.

In fact, Britain’s Labor MP Debbie Abraham has found it costly to protest the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and to make persistent statements against it. Because the Indian government cancelled Debbie’s visa for this. Debbie, however, claims that the Government of India did not inform her about the cancellation of her visa and that she was coming to India to visit her relatives. A few days ago Debbie wrote a letter to the UK Parliament on the Kashmir issue.
In fact, Debbie is considered to be opposed to the Government of India and has been a great critic of Kashmir’s decision against the Central Government. However, the Indian government has made it clear that their visa has been cancelled under the rules. 

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Debbie says that her visa was valid till October 2020 and despite that the Indian government cancelled her visa and did not inform her. However, the Indian government was unhappy with Debbie’s rhetoric.  
Abrahams said she was “treated like a criminal” and told to leave India before being marched on to a plane bound for Dubai.

“The immigration officer looked at his screen and started shaking his head and saying ‘no, no, no’,” she said
However, in this regard, the Government of India says that the British MP had already been informed about the cancellation of his visa and despite this he took the risk of coming to India. Debbie arrived in India from Dubai and has been sent back to Dubai from Indira Gandhi Airport here.