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India recorded 418 suicides per day in 2020

More suicides among businessmen than farmers: NCRB data
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Ground Report | New Delhi: suicides cases in India; Even when the country was facing an epidemic, this year saw a 10% increase in suicides in India. Daily wage earners, self-employed, and housewives had the highest number of suicides and Delhi saw a 24 percent increase in suicides, topping the list of 53 megacities. Family problems and illness become major factors that force people to take extreme measures.

One person commits suicide every 40 seconds

National Crime Records Bureau’s ‘Accidental Deaths and Suicides’ report for the year 2020 has come, which shows that the maximum number of daily wage laborers have committed suicide in the year 2020.

suicides cases in India

According to the NCRB data, about 1 lakh 53 thousand people committed suicide in India last year, out of which about 37 thousand were daily wage laborers. Tamil Nadu workers were the largest among those who took their lives. Then there is the number of laborers from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, and Gujarat.

However, in this report, the corona epidemic has not been cited as the reason behind the suicides of the workers. But after the complete lockdown in India at the end of March, everyone had seen the pictures of the exodus of laborers. How hungry people thirsty had left for their village on foot.

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Some state governments had also arranged trains and buses for their people working in other states. The central government had also announced to distribute free ration among the poor. But those efforts were insufficient in the face of the misery, trouble and starvation of the workers.

India has been witnessing an increase in suicide cases year after year since 2017. In 2020, 10% more cases have been reported than in 2019.

Mass or family suicides

Cases of suicide have also been seen more in the case of school students. School colleges were closed in India during the Corona epidemic. Schools had made arrangements for online education, but due to the lack of laptops, smartphones, and the internet, many students were forced to drop out of school.

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The latest data on suicides shows that many students also took their own lives due to failure in the examination. In the case of suicide, there is also a clear difference in the behavior of girls and boys below 18 years of age. Girls lost more of their lives because of a love affair.

Various reasons for suicide have also been mentioned in the report. Which family discord is said to be the biggest reason. Mental illness, drugs, problems related to marriage have also been cited as responsible reasons for suicide.

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status of farmers

There is also a mention of farmer suicides in the statistics, in which Maharashtra is at the fore. Farmers have been agitating for the last 11 months in some parts of the country against the new agriculture law.

According to him, the new laws are anti-farmer and they will suffer a lot. 11 rounds of talks with the central government are inconclusive. The matter reached the Supreme Court, the committee was also formed and their report also came. But the hearing on the report is still pending. However, the report did not link farmer suicides to that movement.

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