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India hands over Chinese soldier who crossed LAC

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The Chinese soldier who across the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Demchok sector of Ladakh on Monday has been returned, both India and China confirmed. A Chinese soldier had gone missing in the Demchok area of ​​the northern region of Ladakh. 

Authorities said he was feeling dizzy and ill, troops provided him with oxygen and medical aid. It should be noted that the border dispute between India and China has been going on since June.

The incident took place at a time when military officials of the two countries are holding talks to normalize the situation.

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The border between the two sides often clashes where the India-China border is not formally demarcated and is called the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The Indian military said it had withdrawn Chinese troops under “protocol”.

This is not the first time someone has crossed the border like this. In September, China deported five Indian nationals who had similarly crossed the border by mistake.

India said the five were hunters and had no idea how to cross the border.

What is the background?

In June this year, 20 soldiers were killed and at least 70 wounded in a bloody clash between the two armies in the Gulwan Valley in the region.

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India claims that Chinese troops have occupied Indian territory on the LAC after the clash.

There have been seven rounds of talks between the two countries, but no progress has been made. In the next few days, talks between the military commanders and diplomats of the two countries are going to win again.

In the talks, India has been insisting that Chinese troops withdraw from Indian territory to their previous positions, but the Chinese are not ready to back down.

In August, India accused China of escalating border tensions, but China denied the allegations, saying “the dispute is entirely India’s fault.”

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In September, China accused India of firing on Chinese troops.

If confirmed, it would be the first time in 45 years that shots have been fired at the border.

It should be noted that the use of ammunition is prohibited under an agreement reached between the two countries in 1996.

China and India have officially fought only one war when India was badly defeated in 1962.