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India china border dispute: China increased military force on LAC

India China Conflict in eastern Ladakh
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Ground Report | Srinagar

The midst of the ongoing negotiations to resolve the Indo-China dispute in Ladakh, the Chinese army has deployed more troops on the LAC the Line of Actual Control. The Chinese army has brought a large number of guns and compact vehicles there. Those who can come to Indian territory in a few hours.

This was done on behalf of the Chinese Army when already Indian and Chinese officials are negotiating at their level in the eastern Ladakh regions. However, there has been no result of this conversation as the Chinese military is refusing to move along the border.
China has parked many big A Class vehicles in eastern Ladakh near LAC. These vehicles have been parked at a distance of 25–30 km from the LAC of India, which can enter the Indian border in a few hours from the Chinese side.

It seems that China is spending time talking to India and deploying near the border. Although there are daily talks between China and India at the commander and brigadier level, but no result has been found yet.

While erecting infrastructure along its border towards India, China had demanded a ban on it. Sources on China’s construction work say that India has more construction work than China towards its LAC.

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Army troops are also being deployed towards India. Soldiers are also being raised there due to the spread of Corona virus in Ladakh. Sources say that no agreement will be made to maintain the accuracy of the Indian border.

China’s intention was to infiltrate the Ladakh region on a large scale. In response to the Chinese troops, India also raised its army. Sources, however, say that Chinese soldiers are not in a mood to retreat yet and despite India’s opposition they want to stand firm.

In recent talks, China has opposed military mobilization in the Ladakh sector, especially in the DBO sector. This sector falls close to the Karakoram sector from where LAC starts between India and China.

China Demands

China wants India to stop infrastructure work on its part. The reason for the dispute is that Chinese soldiers often enter the Indian border. They have to fight with our soldiers. Serious clashes occurred in the third week of May and now it is happening all over Ladakh.

Sources reveal that India has made reasonable arrangements in response to China. China was shocked at the beginning of the case. He rapidly deployed about five thousand soldiers in this area. At some places there was an intrusion in the Indian border.

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There are four ways to resolve the border-related issues between India and China through an end to tension . Two of these were formed in 1993 and 1996. There was progress in 2005 and again in 2013. There is also CBM (Confidence Building Majors). On the basis of these agreements, both countries have been negotiating and resolving border disputes. There have also been meetings between Prime Minister Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping. In these also it was agreed to settle the boundary dispute negotiation.