Rape : In these countries, rapists are saved from punishment

There are many countries where rapists can escape punishment if they marry the victim. According to a UN report, in 2021, this law is known as the “Marry Your Rapist” law. Let’s take a look at some such countries.


According to Article 134 of the Russian Penal Code, if a man convicted of rape is 18 years old and the victim’s age is less than 16 years, then he can be free from rape by marrying the victim. However, the law gives such an option only to the first time offenders.

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In Thailand, marriage is considered a compromise for rape. If the offender is over 18 years of age and the victim is above 15 years of age and has “consented” to a sex relationship or if the court allows marriage, the rapist may still escape punishment.

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In Venezuela’s Penal Code, if the rapist marries the victim legally, then he can escape the punishment of rape. Social activists have been saying against this that this law encourages committing crimes like rape against women.

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Article 182 of Kuwait’s Penal Code also provides a punishment for rape convicts if they marry the woman they raped. This law was enacted in 1960.


In 1997, the Republic Act or Anti-Rape Law was enacted in the Philippines. According to Article 266-D of this law, if the rapist marries the victim legally, then the punishment can be waived.

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According to Article 398 of Iraq’s Penal Code, if the rapist legally marries the victim, then he can escape the punishment of rape. This law was enacted in 1969. Human rights activists have been demanding that it be repealed.


Under Article 353 of Bahrain’s Penal Code, rapists can be exempted from punishment if they marry the victim. This law was enacted in 1976. Although Parliament voted to end it in 2016, the government is still opposing it.

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