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In second wave of Covid, 15% oxygen was wasted in Uttar Pradesh: Study

second wave of the Covid pandemic has wreaked havoc across the country. Due to this, there was a shortage of beds, medicines, and oxygen

By Ground Report
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Ground Report | New Delhi: The second wave of the Covid pandemic has wreaked havoc across the country. Due to this, there was a shortage of beds, medicines, and oxygen in hospitals. A similar situation was seen in Uttar Pradesh as well. Meanwhile, it has now come to the fore that during the peak of the second wave, 10-15 oxygen was wasted due to negligence in the hospitals of the state. This has been revealed in the study of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur.

According to the Indian Express, the researchers of IIT Kanpur have sent their report to the state government on Thursday. It said that during the peak of the second wave of the pandemic in the state, there was 10-15 percent wastage of oxygen in hospitals. Serious negligence like improper use of oxygen-related equipment, leakage in an oxygen mask,s or nozzles during that time in hospitals has come to the fore. The wastage of oxygen could have been avoided with caution.

During the peak of the second wave of the epidemic, there was a severe shortage of oxygen in the hospitals of Uttar Pradesh. Dozens of patients had died due to lack of oxygen in many big districts including the capital Lucknow, Meerut, Moradabad, Varanasi. The Allahabad High Court had also reprimanded the government for this and compared it to a massacre. Apart from this, instructions were also given to the government to make arrangements for oxygen. (second wave of Covid)


In view of the acute shortage of oxygen in the second wave, the government had directed IIT Kanpur and other institutions to conduct a study on the supply and consumption of oxygen in all hospitals. The purpose of the government behind this was to find out whether the hospitals were consumed according to the supply or not and what percentage of oxygen was wasted. After this IIT Kanpur studied 57 medical colleges of the state.

IIT Kanpur Deputy Director Manindra Agrawal said, “We studied data from a total of 57 medical colleges, including SPGI, HBTU, AKTU, Banaras Hindu University in Lucknow. In this data was sought from hospitals for 45 days from May 3 onwards.” He further said, "The study of the data revealed that about 15 percent of oxygen wasted in all the hospitals due to technical negligence and lack of maintenance, which was a very serious matter at that time."


Deputy Director Agrawal said that following the orders of the government, he had developed a web portal to verify the data. After that, all the hospitals were asked to upload on the portal the data of the number of patients admitted in the hospital, oxygen requirement based on the condition of the patients, oxygen supply, and oxygen used in the hospital. He said that the report has been prepared on the basis of this data.

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