In Pakistan: Hospital Staff Cut Off Newborn’s Head, leave it Inside Woman’s Womb

In the Thar desert region, Sindh province, Pakistan, a woman had to travel 319 kilometers carrying the head of a dead Newborn baby, and after approximately 18 hours, the baby’s head was removed from the woman’s abdomen by an operation. This was the fifth child for Malukan Bheel, 32, who died during childbirth.

Malikan Bheel comes from a village called Akliyon in Thar. On the night of June 16 she had a miscarriage and her family took her by taxi to a missionary hospital in Chachro, Sindh at 8 am. The woman was later taken to another hospital where she had her head surgically removed.

“Hindu woman Bheel, who belongs to a remote village in Tharparkar district, had first gone to a Rural Health Center (RHC) in her area, but with no gynaecologist available, the inexperienced staff caused her immense trauma.” said the teacher. Raheel Sikander, who heads the gynaecology unit at Liaquat University of Health and Medical Sciences (LUMHS) in Jamshoro.

Professor Raheel Sikander, who heads the gynaecology unit at the Liaquat University of Health and Medical Sciences (LUMHS) in Jamshoro, said the Bheel Hindu woman is from a remote village and went to a Rural Health Center (RHC) in her area. Still, because there was no gynaecologist available, the trauma was caused by inexperienced staff.

In a botched procedure on Sunday, he added, RHC staff cut off the head of the unborn baby in her mother’s womb and left it inside her. When the woman faced a life-threatening situation, they took her to a neighbouring hospital in Mithi, where there were no facilities to treat her.

Anwar Sadhu, in charge of Missionary Hospital Law and Trust, said the patient was brought to the hospital at 8 am on Thursday and remained under treatment for about an hour. During this time, hospital nurses examined him.

“Before they took the woman to the hospital, they brought in a test from a local midwife to deliver the baby,” he said. Five children of the same woman have already died while attempting a normal delivery. Such patients do not have a normal delivery, they need surgery.

Dharmo Bheel’s first wife died, while his second wife was the fifth child who died in childbirth.

The Dharmas say that his first child died in the fourth or fifth month. This time he had an x-ray done at Cheelhar Hospital in which the doctor had told him that his wife would be operated on because the baby was face down in the mother’s womb. According to him, the doctor had also given the date of delivery. He says that as soon as her wife’s condition deteriorated, he took her to a local midwife who said she was not feeling well, after which he took her wife to the hospital.

Dr. Juman Bahoto, Director General of Sindh Health Services, has ordered separate investigations into the matter as a result of the shocking error. He indicated that the investigation commissions will investigate what happened, in particular the lack of a gynaecologist and female staff at the Chachro RHC.

The investigative committees will also investigate reports that the woman was subjected to the traumatic experience of having a video filmed while she was lying on a stretcher. Several staff members allegedly captured images of her on their phones in the gynaecology ward and shared them with other WhatsApp groups.

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