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Home ยป In Nov Punjab CM had already warned about the dangers of drones

In Nov Punjab CM had already warned about the dangers of drones

In Nov Punjab CM had already warned

Ground Report | New Delhi: In Nov Punjab CM had already warned; Several months before the blasts at the Jammu Air Force Station, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh had written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, warning about serious incidents through drones and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

The Indian Express, the Chief Minister had written a letter to the Prime Minister and met the Home Minister on the same issue. Officials told the newspaper that 70-80 drones have been sighted in Punjab in the last two years. The chief minister warned that “delivery of long-range weapons through large-sized drones, at a predetermined point, in Indian territory about 5 km deep across the border is a matter of national security concern.”

In Nov Punjab CM had already warned;

In his letter, dated November 21, 2020, Singh referred to the dropping of rifles and pistols by a Chinese-made hexagonal drone in August 2019 at Hoshiarnagar, Amritsar. And to drone sightings in Ferozepur and Tarn Taran sectors the previous fortnight.

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The Chief Minister warned that the supply of long-distance weapons at a depth of 5 km across the border was a matter of national security concern, “by a large-scale drone, at a prearranged location”. And there are serious implications for “protecting high-risk guards, protecting public meetings/events.”

Singh called on the Prime Minister to convene a high-level meeting of various “stakeholders” to assess the threat posed by drones and to “discuss and consider strategies” for the installation of infrastructure such as radar. Detect the movement of platforms.

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However, after two blasts at the Jammu Air Force Station, the NIA and NSG team investigating there did not find the wreckage of the drone. It was feared that the blasts were carried out by a drone, but so far no major clues have been found about the drone. Investigative teams were investigating the local launchpad and long-distance work, but no launchpad has been found near the base so far. The base is 16km from the international border. (In Nov Punjab CM had already warned)

The drone is believed to have dropped the explosive material at the Air Force station and went back. Drones need open space or the top floor of a building to fly. It can also cover a distance of 30 to 40 km. Police sources told the newspaper that some people working at the base were questioned but later released. Till now India has not held any country responsible for this incident. Two Indian Air Force personnel have been injured in this incident.

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