In next 30 yrs, Indian politics will revolve around BJP: Prashant Kishor

Electoral strategist Prashant Kishor has said that for decades to come the BJP will remain a very difficult electoral force to defeat, adding that In the next 20 or 30 years, I see that Indian politics revolved around the BJP.

A national seminar on behalf of the ‘Indian Express’ newspaper was held in Delhi yesterday. Participating as the special invitee, Prasanth Kishore spoke: “No one can deny that the BJP has emerged as the biggest force in Indian politics. The rule is that once anything or ideology reaches its zenith it will inevitably fall into decline. So many people think that this situation will happen to the BJP as well. I agree with this”.

But everyone needs to understand that this thing is not going to happen right now. That is, the decline of the BJP will not take place for the next 5 or 10 years. At the All India level, if a party manages to get more than 30 per cent of the vote, it will not be so easily weakened.

He said that whatever people think that whatever goes up and he will come down, it’s not, it can happen, but there’s a lot of time in it.

“BJP will remain an electoral party in India that will be very difficult to defeat for decades to come. Once you’ve got more than 30 per cent of the votes on a stage in India, you won’t disappear from anyone’s wish. Nor does it mean that he will continue to win every election.”

“In the first 40-50 years, politics in India revolved around the Congress, either you were with the Congress or you were against it. In the next 20 or 30 years, I see that Indian politics revolved around the BJP. Whether you are with BJP or against BJP. Those who think they will go down on their own, this is probably not a correct assessment.”

Prashant Kishor said that doesn’t mean it can’t happen after five years or after two years, but it may also take 20 or 30 years. Speaking about the Congress, Prashant Kishor said that it currently has the form of the Indira Congress, which was born in 1967.

He said that since 1985 Congress continues to decline as a political party and the last time it won was in 1984, many people do not pay attention to the fact that Congress has not won India on its own since 1984.

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