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Digital SIM cards new headache for security agencies

Ground Report| News Desk| In Jammu and Kashmir Digital Sim Card is being utilized to contact their handlers in Pakistan on behalf of militant groups in the valley, they are becoming a new headache for security agencies. The use of this new technology came to light in 2019 when the US was requested to ask the service provider details of the ‘digital sim’ used by the Jaish-e-Mohammed suicide bomber in the Pulwama terror attack in which 40 CRPF personnel were killed and many were injured in the attack.

Officials said that a detailed investigation by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and other security agencies, however, indicated that more than 40 digital SIM cards were used for the Pulwama terror attack alone and that more such digital still exists in the Valley SIMs exist. This is a completely new approach in which cross-border terrorists are using ‘digital sim’ cards issued by a foreign service provider.

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This is how you get digital sim card

In this technique, a telephone number is created on the computer and an app of the customer service provider downloads it on his smart phone. This number is connected to social networking sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram or Twitter. To start this service, the verification code is created by these networking sites and is obtained on smart phones.

Officials said that the country code or ‘Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number’ (MSISDN) number is first associated with the number used. He said that apart from the telecom companies of the US, Canada, UK, Israel, numbers of Puerto Rico and a Caribbean island controlled by the US are still available. 

Officials sent mobile phones for forensic investigation said that all mobile phone devices are being sent for detailed forensic investigation, to find out if they have ever been used for digital SIMs. 

An official said that technology has its own good and bad aspects in the fight against terrorism. The security forces not only have to update themselves over time but also have to think a step ahead of them to stop the conspiracies of their misuse.

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