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Home ยป In Afghanistan six children killed in US drone strike

In Afghanistan six children killed in US drone strike

In Afghanistan six children killed in US drone strike

Ground Report | New Delhi: In Afghanistan six children killed; Family members in Afghanistan have said that a US drone strike targeting a suicide bomber killed 10 of his relatives, including six children, BBC reported. On Sunday, there was an explosion in the car parked in front of the house of these people, due to which these 10 people died.

The US military has said its attack targeted a vehicle that contained at least one person linked to Islamic State. He has also said that due to the attack, other people nearby may have also come under the scanner. Neighbours and witnesses at the site of the drone strike in Kabul told CNN that several people, including children, were killed.

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In Afghanistan six children killed

“All the neighbours tried to help and brought water to put out the fire and I saw five or six people were killed there,” a neighbour said “The family had a father and another young boy and two children. They died. They were torn to pieces. [also] two were injured.”

Another neighbor said he estimated 20 people would have been killed in the strike, adding that “there is not much left in their house and nothing can be identified, they are in pieces.”

Another eyewitness said that after the strike, neighbors and onlookers “removed six bodies” and believed “the children are still missing.” The US military later on Sunday acknowledged there were reports of civilian casualties following the attack.

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“We know that the destruction of the vehicle resulted in substantial and powerful explosions, indicating that a large amount of explosive material may have resulted in additional casualties. It is unclear what would have happened, and we are investigating further” said the Captain. US Central Command spokesman Bill Urban in a statement.

The US Central Command has said that it is investigating the incident, but it is not yet clear how the 10 people were killed. He said in a statement that the drone strike was followed by several powerful explosions.

He has said that from the blasts it appears that a large number of explosives was kept there, which may have caused more casualties. The US military had earlier said the attack removed a threat to the Islamic State’s Afghan branch at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport.

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