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‘When you killed him, why didn’t you kill us all?: An open letter to militants who killed S I Imtiaz Mir

Srinagar | GR News Desk

“The killers of Kashmir sub-inspector Mir Imtiaz murdered not just a policeman, but a son, a brother’ says an anonymous open letter posted on the slain officer’s Facebook page.

“But when you killed him why didn’t you kill us all. Why didn’t you kill his mom, dad, sister, brother and the woman whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life with,” reads the Facebook post likely to be written by a close friend of the police officer shot dead by militants in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district on Sunday.

Imtiaz Mir, a police officer with JKP was killed on Sunday. (Source: facebook/ImtiazMir)

Mir was initially abducted when he tried to meet his parents in the village and later killed by militants, in what appears to be a new strategy of targetting police officials and their relatives in broad daylight.

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“You killed a man who loved Kashmir…come and kills us all. Do you know when you killed Imtiaz, you killed a loving son of an aged mother, an obedient son of an old father. Their only hope of old-age. You killed a brother who was the only support of his brother and sister. You killed every dream of a young girl whom he wanted to marry,” the post read.

The post termed Mir as a devout Muslim who performed five daily prayers on time and never missed a single fast during the month of Ramazan. “You killed the most God-fearing man. You killed a deeply religious man whose every endeavour was to offer Sallah in time. Who would never ever miss even a single Roza in the month of Ramazan.” “Most importantly you killed someone who loved his Kashmir and its people like anything.. Whose only wish was to see a happy Kashmir,” the open letter read.

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The letter said Mir was on his way to see his aged parents and “trouble-stricken” sister and referred to the niece of the deceased who has been since repeating that she is missing her “mammu” (mother’s brother). “You killed a man who just wanted to visit his family, his aged parents, and his trouble-stricken sister,” it said.

According to reports, Imtiaz in a desperation to see his parents had even shaved his beard and changed appearance to dodge the militants who had laid a death trap.