Imran Khan may declare emergency in Pakistan

Ground Report | New Delhi: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is considering the option of declaring an emergency in Pakistan, the Times of Pakistan quoting Geo News.

According to the report, the Prime Minister has ordered that such an excuse be made to impose the emergency on the country.

The sources said that Prime Minister Imran Khan also instructed the president regarding the no-confidence motion, saying that his confidence vote should be delayed as long as possible.

The Prime Minister ordered the Speaker to convene the next session of the Assembly a month after the motion of censure and ordered the President to allow him to continue his work until the election of the new Prime Minister.

Earlier Federal Interior of Pakistan Minister Sheikh Rashid, while commenting on the issue of the no-confidence motion and political agitation against Prime Minister Imran Khan, said that the politics of the country would change every hour in the next 24 hours.

Addressing the media at a function in Islamabad on Saturday, he said, “According to the constitution, Imran Khan will remain prime minister even if the no-confidence motion succeeds unless other prime ministers take the oath.”

He proposed three solutions to the political situation: “An establishment should intervene and elections should be held soon after Ramadan.” Second, the parties that have filed no-confidence motions under a foreign conspiracy should be banned and third, all PTI members should resign from the assembly seats.

Addressing the ‘institutions’, the Home Minister said that ‘the country cannot tolerate fighting.’

Announcing war with the opposition, Sheikh Rashid said that it was his responsibility to “bury” the “political men”.

He said that Imran Khan has become more popular among the people because of the opposition.

Sheikh Rashid directly criticized the opposition leaders and said that “mistakes were also made by the government but the people do not want to see their (opposition’s) face.”

Talking about Sunday’s vote in the National Assembly on the no-confidence motion, he said that security would be provided to all on this occasion.

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