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Immunity may persist throughout life even after a minor infection of covid-19

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Even after the infection is cured, bone marrow remains in the plasma producing antibodies, which continue to secrete antibodies into the blood.

Ground Report | New Delhi: If a person gets a minor infection of covid-19 once, then his body remains immune against the disease for a long time. In this case, the chances of recurrence of this disease are greatly reduced. The information was recently revealed in a research conducted by Washington University School of Medicine at St. Louis, published in the international journal Nature.

According to the researchers, even after months of recovering from mild infection of covid-19, immune cells remain in people’s bodies, producing antibodies against the virus. Such cells can remain in the body throughout life.

Senior researcher Ali Allahabadi, associated with the research, stated that “there were earlier reports that immunity decreases rapidly after infection, leading to the possibility of covid-19 recurring.” Its mainstream media had interpreted that disease-resistant capacity does not last long. “

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But the figures were not interpreted correctly in this. According to him, after severe infection it is normal for the antibody levels to go down, but it never becomes zero. They have reported that they have found antibodies producing cells in people’s bodies even 11 months after the first symptoms. These cells survive in the body and continue to produce antibodies. Which is a good proof that immunity will remain in their body for a long time.

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Earlier in a research published in the journal Science Immunology, it was reported that once infected with coronavirus, immunity persists in the body for about 8 months.

Antibody-producing plasma cells remain in bone marrow

According to research, when viral infections occur, the immune cells that produce antibodies in the body starts growing rapidly and spread in the blood, which causes the antibody levels to skyrocket. Once the infection is cured, most of these cells die, and the level of antibodies present in the blood drops again.

However, a small population of antibody-producing cells, also called long-lived plasma cells, survive and settle in the bone marrow. In such a situation, when infection occurs again, it keeps secreting antibodies in the right blood in small amounts to fight the virus.

 To understand this, he took blood samples from 77 people with coronavirus. Who gave blood samples every three months from one month after being infected. In most of these cases, patients had mild infection of covid-19. They also took samples of bone marrow of 18 people. In which antibodies were found even 11 months after infection.

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Researchers have reported that people who were once infected with the virus and did not see symptoms again. His body was found to be immune for a long time. However, people who were seriously ill with this infection have immunity in their body, it is yet to be studied.

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