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IIT Delhi Students protesting against 150% fee hike

IIT Delhi Fees Hike protest

MTech students of IIT Delhi are opposing the fee hike peacefully. Recently institute board has increased tuition fees by 150%, which many students can’t afford to pay.

Students say “we are protesting peacefully, and we are not on strike. We do not want this to affect our studies.”

Statement of IIT Delhi students against Fee Hike

IIT Delhi Studnets against fees hike statement

IIT Delhi Students against fees hike said in a statement “The institute has completely withdrawn from its responsibility of providing subsidized education to all its students and is gradually adopting a private university model where only the privileged few can have access to education.”

Besides MTech, for the full-time Ph.D. students admitted this semester, the tuition fee has been hiked by 64% from 20,150 to 30,850 (inclusive of hostel seat rent). Additionally, for new hostels on campus, the mess and facility charges (Rs 28,000 per semester + Rs 4273 per month) are double the charges for the same in the old hostels (Rs 30,000 per semester). This logic of ‘Pay more for better facilities’ cannot be a principle that a public institution should follow.

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IIT Delhi Students protesting against fees hike

With the institute gradually withdrawing the subsidies it provided earlier, the entire cost of staying on campus is now being borne by hostellers who cannot even claim Housing Renting Allowances (HRA). By removing all the subsidies and support that were, and should be, provided to all students, the institute has indicated a marked shift towards privatization of IITs.

Till last year, the tuition fee of the MTech program was 10,000 per semester. Now according to the new fee structure, it will increase to 25,000 per semester. Hostel fees will be increased from 10,500 to 13,250 per semester. This new fee structure will be applicable to the students taking admission in the year 2022-23.

Increase Monthly Stipend

Students say that the tuition fee has increased, but there is no increase in the monthly stipend that they get from teaching assistant duty and doing lab work. Let us tell you that the students get a stipend of 12,400 per month.

IIT Bombay Students Support

IIT Bombay students supported the demands of IIT Delhi students, In solidarity, they issued a statement ” IIT Bombay students Against fee Hike stands in solidarity with the students of IIT Delhi who are protesting against the massive fee hike being implemented this semester. The fees for M.Tech new entrants in IIT Delhi were increased by around 100% of which the tuition fee alone saw an increase of around 150%.

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We reiterate our support for the students of IIT Delhi protesting against the fee hike and appeal to the entire student community to stand united on the issue of protecting affordable public education in the country.

The decision to hike fees was taken by the institute board which came into effect in January 2022. After the protest of the students, a committee was formed, which submitted its report. Now the board has to approve the recommendations of the committee.

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