If Facebook is not stopped, there will be more riots: Former employee

Ground Report | New Delhi: If Facebook is not stopped; Tech giant Facebook has announced a quarterly profit of more than $9bn billion at a time when various international newspapers are reporting on internal documents claiming that Facebook is protecting its profits from consumers.

If Facebook is not stopped

Frances Hughes, a former employee of the company that leaked Facebook’s internal documents and filed a complaint against it with regulators, also testified in the UK Parliament on Monday after testifying in the US Congress this month, where she took the platform. He stressed the need to reduce the influence of the Taliban and warned that if action was not taken against it, there could be more ‘riots’ and ‘genocide’ in the world.

According to The Independent, he said that the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill by former President Trump supporters and the incidents of genocide in Myanmar and Ethiopia, which are just “first chapters” in countries and if Facebook was stopped, he said. If not, there is a risk of ‘worse riots and genocide’.

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He said that in many countries, Facebook has not succeeded in removing hateful content. According to him, he prolongs online hatred and extremism, fails to protect children from harmful content and is not committed to working to solve problems despite knowing them.

He added that Facebook was not willing to sacrifice even a small amount of profit to protect its users. According to him, angry or hateful content is the ‘easiest way to enhance’ the platform.

hateful content

According to the AFP news agency, more media reports were published on Monday showing that the platform came under pressure from state censors in Vietnam and that hateful content on it was banned internationally due to language misunderstandings. Spreading, and knowing that its algorithms are promoting online differentiation.

Hogan leaked several internal reports to US officials and the Wall Street Journal, which led the newspaper to launch a series called “Facebook Files” in which the revelations surfaced. Facebook has accused the Wall Street Journal of arbitrarily extracting information from the documents that could further discredit the company.

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Yesterday, several media outlets ran news on the documents which were named as ‘Facebook Papers’. According to a report published in the Washington Post on Monday, Mark Zuckerberg personally allowed the restriction of “anti-state” posts on the platform under pressure from Vietnam’s dictatorial government.

A Politico report said the leaked documents were “treasures” in the fight against a platform for regulators in Washington.

users increased to 2.91 billion

A report published on the website Da Verge highlighted the company’s concerns about its own future. Citing the company’s own internal research, the report said: “Teenagers’ Facebook app usage in the United States has declined by 13% since 2019 and is expected to decline by another 45% in the next two years.” This has led to a decline in the total number of daily users, who are the main market for the company’s ads.

On the other hand, in the negative spotlight for several months, Company announced its last quarterly profit. The company reported a profit of more than 9. 9.2 billion in the quarter, up 19 percent. While its users increased to 2.91 billion.

During a revenue call, company executives said profits would have been even higher if Apple hadn’t added an update to its iPhone’s operating system that would allow users to monitor their advertising activities without permission.

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